Rainbow Six: Lockdown

Lockdown's clip has been loaded chock-full of multiplayer modes, with four-player co-op already waiting in the chamber. In the co-op mode you'll travel back through the single player missions, this time with three online buddies in tow instead of AI squad-mates. Six of the multiplayer maps are lifted from the console version, but with a tuned-up layout and feel. In a nod to veteran operatives, the best-ever Rainbow maps have been cranked-up graphically for Lockdown: Bunker, 747, and Mint. Rescuing hostages and defusing bombs are the order of the day, and you'll join forces in teams of eight and deathmatch in Rivalry mode. Sick of target recognition? Then blast anything that moves in 16-player free-for-all and the new Terrorist Hunt, which is the International Police version of "whack-a-mole."

With its simplified implementation and mainstreamed action, it's already clear that this may not be the rightful heir to the series that spawned it. But Rainbow Six: Lockdown looks and feels superb so far despite the changes. This isn't your father's Rainbow Six, but it ain't your mom's, either.