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    Submitted by marshmallow

Quest 64 Cheats

  • N64 | Submitted by Max

    Hidden Spirit in Limelin Library

    Enter the Limelin Library, Go up the stairs, A question mark will appear on the screen, When you press A it will be an invisible element.
    1. To beat the thief, use fireball level 2.
    2. To beat Zelse, use rock level 1.
    3. To beat Nepty, use fire attacks or your staff.
    4. To beat Shilf, just whack her
    5. To beat Fargo, use magic barrier then get behind him and use water pillar level 1.
    6. To beat Guilty, use magic barrier and whack him.
    7. To beat King Beigis, use magic barrier, get behind him and use water pillar level one.
    8. To beat Mammon, use magic barrier, then avalanche.
    9. If you don't want to get trapped in Mammon, don't fight King Beigis.

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Defeat Mammon Easily

    To defeat Mammon easily,obtain MAGIC BARRIER,which you obtain at 30-35 Earth,and DRAIN MAGIC.Use MAGIC BARRIER to make yourself invincible to him and after he attacks use DRAIN MAGIC.Repeat the process until he's dead.

  • N64 | Submitted by Darunia6

    Hidden Spirit Behind Dondoron Castle Bookshelf-

    After you have at least got the end of the game, try this code. Right before the entrance to Princess Flora's room their is another room on that particular level (obviously). Inside is a bunch of bookshelf's and a table with a couple books on it. The bookshelf closest to the door slides over when you run into it (just try all of them if you are confused). You will now be on a hidden stairway and their is a spirit on this dark stairway. Get it and continue until you reach the treasury room (this area is so unlike the rest of the game, and it is really neat). Now it is finally known what the significance of the doors under the red carpet stairway are. It took me forever to find this spirit.

  • N64 | Submitted by

    Avoiding Attacks

    When an enemy uses a physical attack (ex: Rock, Cutter), quickly begin moving your control stick as soon as the spell is cast. You'll be able to dodge the attack before it gets to you

  • N64 | Submitted by Darunia6

    Hidden Spirit In The Dries Flourishing City-

    After you have at least got to the end of the game, try this code. When you enter the flourishing city in the Dindom Dries from the warp pad you will notice on the fire walkway that their is a spirit to your left. To get it, go to your right between the first flame and the warp pad. You will go beyond the force field and you must maneuver around an invisible maze to get to the spirit (it is hard to give the directions because it is invisible, but if you keep nudging around you will get around the back of the warp pad and to the other side). I am not sure if you have to get to the end of the game (Brannoch) to access these codes, but I did before I noticed these codes. Although, you might need to access the end of the game because I noticed that when I checked through these areas when I had just the Earth Orb and Water Jewel they did not work.

  • N64 | Submitted by sheila mchattie

    Spirit in all Elements

    When you find a spirit and that little screen pops up, if you press all four c buttons at once it gives you a spirit in all elements! Like four for 1!
    But be careful they must all be pressed at exactly the same time and or it goofs up and you don't know what the hell you get, like a slot machine. (if you don't do it right)
    So be careful my friend this takes much practice, (i got this by fluke when I was messing around, it took me a week to get it down.) but it is a great cheat once you get the hang of it, just think instead of having to find 200 spirits you only need 50!

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Free Refills

    Go to a hotel and say you will stay the night. Then, when at the saving screen, hit B to escape. You will now have full health. Also remember that bread and wings are free.

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Hidden Spirit On Ferry

    After you have beaten Nepty and have been transported back to Larapool, make your way back to the ferry that originally brought you there, get on the ferry and ride it three times. On the third trip, stay in the cabin and move up to the crates on the right. A "?" will appear over Brian s head, signaling an invisible spirit element.