PS VR just got 360 YouTube support - ride all the roller coasters. Hurl all the hurls

YouTube is rolling out a 1.09 update for PS4 that adds 360 video compatibility for PS VR. That's quite a big deal because it means PS4 can now access a lot of VR content. 

The update seems to be being deployed in phases - plenty of people are reporting using it and plenty are saying it's not appeared, even after hitting 'check for update' a few times. 

Given time it'll appear for everyone, meaning you'll be able to access videos like this one and enjoy a full VR experience (you can click to look around for the time being): 

It's a pretty big deal given the amount of 360 VR videos you can now access from a variety of sources like Google Cardboard, Rift and so on. There are movies, experiences and more. So, short films like Pearl: 

Experiences like a trip to Mars: 

Or how about a big slice of NOPE with some horror

I'll compile a list of the best once I've had a chance to test a few things so keep an eye out for that. 

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