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Prisoner of Ice Hints

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    HMS Victoria, part 2

    Once you've discovered the missing personnel files at the British base, Sears will instruct you to search the Victoria for Hamsum's belongings. Finding his belongings is easy enough, but escaping the sub is a little tricky. To destroy the beast on the Victoria, you'll need to enable the sub's self-destruct code. When the beast arrives, use the key you got from Sears' safe to unlock the self-destruct code. Head for the hatch as soon as you've activated the destruct sequence (you'll need to be quick, or the Prisoner will get you.)

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    HMS Victoria, part 1

    To destroy the creature lurking in the Victoria's hold, you'll need to gain a little supernatural firepower from Hamsum. Pick up the St. Christopher's medal and use it to hypnotize Hamsum. Use the tape recorder to capture Hamsum's Cthulhu rant. Now return to the bridge, where you'll find that the Prisoner has escaped from the Victoria's hold. To defeat the monster and save the sub, select the tape recorder and use it on Ryan - he'll repeat the Cthulhu chant, which will destroy the creature.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    The mine door

    After Ryan teleports to a mine filled with ice-encased Prisoners, it seems there's no way out. The crowbar isn't enough to free the mine cart and there's no convenient pool of lava to heat it up. Check the around the rocks near the left side of the screen, and look for a loose rock. Use the crowbar to move the rock and release some lava. Use the prybar in the lava to heat it up, then melt the ice that's keeping the mine cart from moving. Push the cart to open the door. Be sure and exit this room quickly, or the heat from the lava will release one of the Prisoners trapped in ice.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Escape from the jail

    The trick to escaping the jail is to remain calm, and talk to the man in the cell next to you by scratching on the wall with the spoon. Be careful to avoid the prying eyes of the guards as you do this, or you'll be taken away and shot.

    Wait until all the other prisoners have been taken away, and you'll be ordered to sign a confession by Dietrich. When Dietrich leaves, pick up the stool and use the piece of paper in the sink to clog the drain. Move the table in front of the door. When the water seeps out under the door a guard will come. Use the stool on the guard to knock him out. Close the door, then take the guard's keys. Now use the stool on the table (that'll be the last time you have to handle a stool) to create a platform so you can reach the ventilation grid in the ceiling, and use the spoon to unscrew the grate. Your escape procedure is now complete.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    The stone! The stone!

    After returning from the Victoria, you'll find that Hamsum has become possessed by one of the Prisoners who is preparing to unleash his fury on the base. The dying words of Sears reveal that there is a stone behind the map in his office, but how in the world are you supposed to get it? Go to the Infirmary and look on the doctor's desk. You should find a needle there. Now go to Sears' office and look at the map. Hmm, something's different; there's a red dot that you didn't notice before. Use the needle on the dot to reveal a secret panel behind the map. Here you'll find the stone to destroy the creature and a few items to help you later in the game.