Predator Concrete Jungle

It's funny, but offhand, we can't think of many games with a 'flay' button. Slicing and mincing up enemies with wristblades, spears, shoulder-mounted lasers and sharpened Frisbees?

To be honest, that's all a bit old hat - as are the Manhunt-style stealth executions.

But jumping around with a squealing gangsta in one hand, looking for a convenient point to dangle his skinned corpse from? Well, that's why you're the Predator...

Old mandible-chops has had mixed fortunes game-wise over the years, from the great (Capcom's Aliens Vs Predator arcade game) to the absolutely terrible (Aliens Vs Predator on the PS2, Predator on the Spectrum), but this is the first time you'll be hunting people in the style of the films.

Set in a near-future where the evil Weyland-Yutani corporation (the one from Aliens) has got their hands on a rogue Pred's gear, you'll be facing voodoo gangsters in cloaking gear, guards with plasma-casters and (probably) cops with razor-frisbees.

It's packed with nice touches - for instance, the Pred's camouflage gives off that familiar ripple effect, but tends to frazz out when you run too fast or get yourself wet.

You can 'do' the Predator's voice-mimickry, luring enemies to their deaths with a growly 'over here!' or programme your razor-rang to dismember half a dozen enemies in a single fling.

Crikey, he even does that 'Roooargh!' pose when he heals himself with a medipack.

Okay, so it's pretty standard platforming stuff otherwise, but there's something about being a Predator that appeals.

Predator Concrete Jungle is out for PC on 15 April