Poseidon Cheats

Poseidon Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by The one u can trust

    Various Cheats

    During Gameplay press Alt + Ctrl + C then enter a code below

    Fireballs from Heaven - Strike location with Fireball

    Delian Treasury - Get 1000 Drachmae

    Atlastthegreat - Project Built faster

    SoundFrags - Sound

    Bowvine and Arrows - Towers shoot Cows

    Ambrosia - Scenario win after couple months

    Seasick - Get 10x fish from poseidon

    Mammaldrome - Granary fills each 3 months

    Cheese Puff - Workers in Cheese outfit in dairy

    Hotlava - Ground strike from fireball

    Elite Sheep, Rain From Heaven, Bigbadwolf - unknown