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Pokemon Channel Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by Axel

    How to see Celibe and Lapras

    Here is how to see some of the rare pokemon. To find Celibe make sure it's early in the morning and go to Spring Leaf Field and you will see Celibe. To see lapras it has to be dark and rainy and lapras will be out on the water.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Sara

    How to Play Catch or Tic-Tac-Toe

    If you want to play catch, go to Springleaf Fields, and look in the "Strange Hole", and Pikachu will find a ball and ask if you want to play catch. Say yes, but hurry or Pikachu will give up trying and walk away.It is the same with tic-tac-toe, exept tic-tac-toe is sitting out in the open, and is at Colbalt Coast. (You need a Colbalt Pass to get to it. You can find them on Shop'N'Squirtle after you
    your TV. fixed.)

  • GameCube | Submitted by Hammy

    How To Get Pikachu's Nice Cards

    How you get them is you get all 101 types of nice cards (dosen't matter if it's all single, moving, or moving&talking) Pikachu will hand you 9 types of his nice cards and each include the different types of cards

Pokemon Channel Cheats

  • GameCube | Submitted by Cheats Master

    Take The Bus

    Here's how to take the buses to Viridan Forest, Mt. Snowfall, and Colbalt Coast. You need to watch Shop N Squirtle till they are available. Buy all of them. Then go out the front door to the bus stop. Wait there until the bus you want gets there. They go in a certain order. They go, Viridan, Snowfall, Cobalt. You can also talk to poke'mon for P money and nice cards. Also. You can go out back and visit Springleaf Field

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Faster Shopping

    To shop way faster than normal on the shopping channel you flip the channel by hitting R and L . First when u see the intro you hit R then quickly hit L again. That flips the channel back and forth. When u see an item you don't want just hit L and R (vice versa)

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    To skip things you do not want to see

    Press L or R to sikp things you do not want to see.then press the opposite of the one you just pressed.

  • GameCube | Submitted by orchic_chic (demi

    Play Noughts and Crosses and Secret Fishin Spot

    Get the bus pass to cobalt coast (get it in shopping squirtle) go out the front door (pikacu might close it but keep on trying) and wait for the bus to come (if u already have a pass be4 that one wait 4 that bus to leave and another 1 will come ) get on the bus it will show a picture of pikachu on a bus, wen u get there next to the sun there will be a little game of noughts & crosses play. click on it again and if u won pikachu gets upset and jealous but if pikachu wins he feels very proud of himself. And if u click on the sign u go to the secret fishing spot. u fish to get nice cards every time u fish u don't always get a pokemon but to help there is a jar at the bottom u pick up a piece of bait by pressing A u can throw as many as u want and u can throw them as far or as wide as the screen goes

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mr. Video Game Master

    Some Sweet codes! (including how to beat the game!!!)

    How to beat the game-- Here goes, you start out talking forever and eventually gets Pikachu and da T.V.. Prof.Oak talks anout how to use the T.V. and stuff then watch all the shows.(Pichu Bros.(all episodes)take forever so if you dont want to watch it go watch cartoons or something fer 10 min.) Then report to the professor. He will talk about how great the report was and send you 'smeargle2'. Once you get it scoot all the way in of the T.V. and back up once. Turn on Pichu Bros. and click on Smeargle2 and put a small dot on the picture and press start. Click on end painting. then report. He'll say that new shows will be coming at about 5:00a.m. the next day and he will save for you. Then turn it off and hold down A while the Gamecube sign is spinning. Go to the calander and change the year. Keep on doing that method. (works also when you want a item from Shop n' Squirtle.) Then once the News says the Pichu Bros. Part5 is missing Professor will send you the Snowpass card. Go to snowpass. Go to Ancient Ruins. A Gengar will be blocking the way. Go back home. Go in the backyards field. talk to Duskull. He will want a ball. Look in the strange hole. There will be a ball. Click on it and give it to duskull. You get the Duskull Lamp. take it to Gengar and he will move. Light both LightFlowers. Go to the stone tablet and answer FALSE. It goes down and comes back up. Tell Pikachu to look in it. You find the missing disc. Go back home and Proffesor talks a little and lets you watch it. Skip a year. Prof. will tell you you got the starlight camera. It shows the credits while showing all 5 parts of Pichu Bros.
    See Jirachi-- Find the 5th Pichu Bros.and he will come.
    Bad News--I'm 99.9% sure that once you beat the game you just keep on seeing the credits.
    Pokemon mini--Look under the bed. You should find it there. To get more games you buy them on Shop n' Squirtle.(you start out with one game)
    Nice cards--Everytime you talk to a pokemon they give you a quiz. Answer correct and you get that pokemons MOVING nice cards OR you can buy packs of 5 at Shop n' Squirtle. Every time you get another 25 nice cards you get a bigger binder.

  • GameCube | Submitted by wolfey6

    Final Anime Discs

    To get the 3 final discs of Pichu Bros. you must first beat the game. When you do that the next time you play Togepi will give you the Kasumi disc which is Pichu Bros. hosted
    by some Japanese girl. After that you must watch PNF and when a mysterious crate appears somewhere you must find it and break it to get either full English version of Pichu Bros. or full Japanese version. Do this again to get the one you didn't get the first time

  • GameCube | Submitted by Charizard fan01

    Easy way to make money

    1. Once you unlock Eggzamination channel, every time you play switch to it. Take a guess and the next day you play you might earn money.
    2.Use Smeargle2 every day. I just doodle but, auction one every day. (I got 2700P doing this)
    3. Play the 2 quiz channels a lot. ( On this you should try ) If you answer them fast you get more money.
    4.Talk to Poke'mon a lot (One's you've seen already. Here is one answer= Bulbasaur=nutrients

  • GameCube | Submitted by nintendo creap

    Get Jirachi's Nice Card

    To get jiraichi'c nice card just watch the news alot until it says "pokemon can you meet it here? and then it might be jiraichi or another legendary pokemon. if it is jiraichi, then it will tell you where to catch it and what time. go to the place at the right time and it will be there. answer it's quiz correctly and get it's nice card.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Miako


    Ok in order to go to snowfall you need the snowfall pass after your first time watching the Jigglypuff and Kecleon's concert and you go back to your house then go back to Snowfall you will see Kecleon standing there. It won't give you a quiz to win the card instead he wants fan mail and go go back to your house and then atomaticly Pikachu will write Kecleon a letter then it automatically goes to SnowFall then Pikachu will give it the letter then you get the Nice Card of Kecleon.