Play pachinko with the walking dead

Judging by the 1900 Diggs on ourrecent30 commercial games released for FREEpiece, it's pretty safe to say you guys enjoy gaming on the cheap. Well, then yougore-thirsty skinflints should get a kick out ofthis addicitve little aside, whichyou can play for free right in your browser.

Above: Send a poor, undeserving soul to his DOOM, won't you?

Sure, it's a clever bit of marketing, but I thinkwe all canagree that the Dante's Inferno promotional stuff has beenextremely fun thus far. And assuming you’ve got some time to kill and a macabre sense of humor, you could do a hellluva a lot worse than this FREE game of corpsified pinball.PLAY IT HERE!

The High Score currently stands at just over 6K, so why not letthe sin of Envy get the better of you.(Yes.. that was a challenge.)

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Feb 10, 2010