Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone gets major update with nine new mini-games

The new games include Walnut Bowling, because no mini-game collection is complete without a bowling game; the invisible monster-filled Invisi-Ghoul; and Beghouled Twist, an undead twist on PopCap's own Bejeweled. All of them are available in packs of three from Crazy Dave's Store.

If you can't be bothered earning the credits to unlock them in-game or in the Zen Garden section of the title, handing over some real-world money (you've earned that too, right?) for the Sunflower’s Golden Chest, Marigold’s Coin Pot or Stinky’s Secret Stash items will get you the credits you need. The new Race to China micro-game, meanwhile, challenges your digging skills and tolerance for cheap jokes about Chinese zombies, and will be available as soon as the update is applied.

Sep 9, 2011