Phantom Dust Cheats

Phantom Dust Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Justin

    Environmental Skills

    As you may not know, environmental skills leave crystals as where you stand when you use the skill. To undo the skill you just pick it up as if it were a skill.
    Beware some environmental skills will or may be harmful to you as well.

  • Xbox | Submitted by zachary Lewis

    Easy way to beat the 3 sisters

    When you first start the battle you fight only one of the sisters. So when she goes green and does her punch attack jump and dodge it then while still in the air attack her. do this until you have beaten her. Then the other 2 sisters come. do the same thing with these and you will beat them. it may take a few tries but it works.

  • Xbox | Submitted by James

    Play as the Monsters in Multiplayer

    Once you enter the character select screen in a multiplayer battle, hold in both the right and left triggers and you will see the names of the monsters. Select one and go to the next screen before letting go of the triggers.