Phantom Crash Cheats

Phantom Crash Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by COYOTE


    Ran out of sv ideas? Well heres one you'll love! ok, first of all go to wild mechanics for all this stuff. Buy the following......

    BODY- get an HL body

    RIGHT ARM- buy the CANNON/HM10

    LEFT ARM- buy the penetrate esturk (uprade it a lot and it will destroy anyone)

    BACKPAK WEAPONS- both sides 65/14MM cannons

    OPTIONS- you will NEED this.......

    1. the ROLL GUAGE

    you might also WANT these.....

    1. 30 MM armor unit
    2. OCGIIIA ( cammo )

    This will take a lot of time, patients, and money(for all of the upgrades and parts.)
    But I guarantee you will be happy with this
    enormously powerful robot! just be sure you upgrade all your parts at that tech plus place.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Scorpion

    Easy Win

    Do you have trouble winning in vs or on quest because your enemy keeps getting health? To get rid of the dropship that drops these health boxes is get in a high spot near a drop area and when it comes by to drop items shoot it.{ I'm not sure if you can destroy it with missiles I've only done it once with a machine gun}

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kevin I. SV-Pilot 'Xnype

    Special Rumble

    On Day 55 look out for a special rumble that only has drones as opponents. You can beat the crap out of everybody since there all drones... even the boss (the one with the pink health bar) is really weak. He is a pest though but don't underestimate it. I suggest doing this on a weekend when you have plenty time. Then just play and play and stay alive as long as you can while racking up a lot of NY. I mean alot... dude I'm telling you, this Special Rumble racks up a lot of NY. I actually got over 2,000,000 NY playing this Special Rumble (about an hour and a half). Be greedy because the money you win isn't enough to fully customize your SV the way you want, especially if you want to uplift your chips and customize parts.

  • Xbox | Submitted by COYOTE

    Laser arm

    If you are a laser kind of person and don't know about the laser arm thing, start reading! when day 18 comes around go to the store that sells holy robots. youll want to have about 500,000 NY and an empty garage. then buy it, take the arm off of it and if you want just sell the pieces you don't want. if you want 2 arms like that, just save 1,000,000 NY and have 2 garages open. simple right?

  • Xbox | Submitted by thomas

    Fast Mech

    This may take a long time but it is worth is if you like speed first you need a holy body that is fully light, two M-28LLMeteors that are fully light a M2021Gatling preferably level 99 light but 98 will do because it takes about 7,000,000 to go from 98 to 99 then a melee weapon probably a penetrate cone at normal because it is so strong then as much camo as it can fit the the bird two chip that only comes on a few days but I can remember exactly what days finally HLHOVER legs upgraded as fully light as it can and still hold all that weight I have a max speed of about 150 km/h that makes up for the fact that it has only 7861 durability even I cant use it as well as it could be used.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Super Jump in Shinjuku

    Some small ramps and obstacles in the center of Shinjuku catapult you miles above the arena if you just drive onto them. Look for boards leaning against small boxes. I found this accidentally and was surprised to be launched above the arena where I could see dropships/Scoobees/ammo, armour and money pickups.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    More special SV's after completing game

    Have alot of money before trying this.
    (dates based on when i purchased these).

    On day 16 go to the wild machines used module shop and go to buy SV, then buy the special toloned SV. The price will be around 500,000 NY. it will have:
    TL laser
    TL 44mm shotgun
    TL 6-way missile
    TL 75mm cannon
    it will have a dog II chip.
    this SV is like SIBA's.
    WARNING:you cannot buy spare parts for this SV.

    on day 20 go to wild machines used module shop and there will be a HOLY SVfor 1,337,300 NY. it will have:
    M2021 Gatling
    penetrate staff
    M-24L/1A spide
    G-24 sling shot
    it will have a cat II chip

    on day 21 go to wild machines used module shop and see a CHARGA SV for around 800,000 NY. it will have:
    CG Railgun
    CG wide-shot
    CG laser cannon
    CG wide missile
    it will have a dog IV chip.
    WARNING: you cannot buy spare parts for this SV.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kevin I. SV-'Hunter'

    Extra Fun

    To get more SV's in Versus mode, go to your saved game. Then go to the menu under system and select Keep SV. Then Select the SV you want to save so you can play with it in Versus. If your full up on space, you can delete SV's from the Versus that you put in there.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Sam Nicholls

    Getting Started & Setting up a good Scoobie

    Phantom Crash can be overwhelming the first time you play, whatever you do, don't rent out a scoobie , you normally end up using a rubbish drone Scoobie! you start off with around 200,000 this is just right to get you a nice multi-purpose mech you can customize to suit you. on the town map enter Ventuno (the shop that sells "Holy" mecs) which is "06" on the town map.

    buy the two legged hovering scoobie. It is fast and can carry 10.500T which is an average amount.

  • Xbox | Submitted by DBZFanL

    Explosive Stuff

    Explosive Stuff

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get 1,000 NY

    At the map rotate the right thumbstick to the edge of its reach 360degress(you can only do this 10 times a day.) Rotate until you do not hear the "ding" noise any more. This works every day so don't think its a one time deal

  • Xbox | Submitted by CabbitXP

    Phantom Crash Cash

    Highlight any location icon on the map. Rotate the right thumbstick and it will add 100 credits. This can be done for up to 1,000 credits a day.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kevin I. SV Pilot 'Xnype'

    Special Weapons

    There are special weapons which appear on certain days. There are two for each type of model (Aeron, Kojima, HOLY).

    -Hedgehog (Arm: Multi-Mini Rocket Launcher[3?])
    -ATC (Arm: ?can't remember what gun it was, i believe it was a Heavy Rocket Launcher[1])

    -Sniper Rifle (Arm: duh Sniper Rifle, but sorry no scope [1])
    -Red Lotus (Arm: Multiple Napalm Launcher [8]

    -Gatling Gun (Arm: Gatling Gun, duh, this baby shoots fast [1])
    -L50 Javelin (Arm: An arm version of the backpack laser, does more damage [1])

    The numbers in [] mean how many projectiles are being fired in one shot.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kevin I. SV-Pilot 'Xnype

    Extra NY After Rumbles

    If you finish a rumble and rack up a few kills you earn NY right? If you make it through the rumble without having damage you get an extra bonus. I think you get 2000 or 5000 extra NY after completing a rumble without getting hurt. If you want to test the code yourself go to D class and have fun. Then before leaving go find a health booster and get 100% life _then_ leave. It's harder to do in the upper classes since the Pilot never cut you any slack.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kevin I. SV Pilot "Xnype"

    Easy NY 2

    Look for special rumbles. I won tons of money from a special rumble where all the SV's where drone controlled. Also look for the special rumble that only lets you use rentals, which evens out the chances of you winning (if you're a good pilot).

    Module Assembly Hints For Ventuno HOLY
    Try using a melee weapon, such as the Penetrating Esturk or Penetrating Cone (these are for Ventuno HOLY types only).
    Use hover legs and upgrade them to hold 11.800 tons.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kenji

    Good Mech Setup

    I have been tinkering around and have found a really good mech setup. I like speed, stealth, and power. I believe this set up has it all. I'd like to share it with you guys and discuss the strategy of using it.

    Body: Basic Holy Body.

    Main Arm: L50/Javelin (You can get this from buying the lime Holy mech on day...24 I think? Enegy-150 Damage-450)

    Other arm: Cannon/HM10 (Ammo-546 Damage-220)

    Back: NOTHING

    Option: The best Optic Camo you can buy.

    Legs: HLHover (You will need to make it heavy as you continue to upgrade your camo so you wont be over weight.)

    Chip: I use the 'Wolf I' chip.

    Other: I like the Shark Tooth Painting and Circle Cross sticker. =D

    Strategy: Surprise the enemy while clocked, firing your laser until he just blows up. This usually takes about 1 to 1 and a half seconds to do. I purposely kept the ammo damage down so I could have more rounds. All the gun is for is something to hurt the enemy while you run as your Javelin charges. Rarely do I ever use it to actually kill with.

    Currently, I have a max speed of 136.007, Cloak time of 40 seconds, and durability of 17,069. This is pretty good considering I can fly around a corner, kill about 4 SV's, and dart away before they their chips can ever warn them of 25% durability left. If you have better ideas and suggestions on improving my setup, please mail me.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kevin I. SV Pilot "Xnype"

    Easy NY

    One way to get easy money is sit next to the drop zones. (not out in the open of course). Then when an enemy comes by use your Occular Camoflauge and take him out. If you're low on health just sit tight. You can pick up health boosters every now and then when the transport brings them.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Ninja Monkee 123

    Play as Screw

    Buy a regular Photon body. After buying this buy ph-2-legs (the regular Photon legs) and upgrade them to level 20. Now buy a light Photon heavy sniper rifle and make sure it is fairly light. You should now buy a photon melee arm weapon, I think it is called a curse or at least nick-named the curse in the description, and make this fairly light too. Finally buy the photon back weapon called the bazooka. Go to the hangar and assemble the body and legs. Put the bazooka on the right side of the back. The "curse" on the right arm and the sniper rifle on the left. Now give it a kotubuki dragon paint job and voila! You now have an S.V. just like Screw!

    NOTE: It doesn't matter what option parts you give it or what chip it has, but to be really realistic I suggest a Cat 2 chip. Name the chip, Time.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Ion_Zero

    Easy Money

    In any stage, Class B or less, Shoot anything that looks explosive for free money. For instance in the Aqualine Stage, at Class D, Shoot a bus for 10,000 NY. Note that each obstacle can only be destroyed once per Rumbling. Shoot cars, trucks, busses, cans, ect. I recieved over 150,000 NY in less than 3 minutes.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kevin I. SV-'Hunter'

    How Do I Get Music?

    Go to Ampland. If you have enough money you can select and preview sample music. If you like what you hear you can buy it. Next go back to your hangar and go to music. Then select the program and then select which songs you want for that program. You can name the program too to keep track of what is on the program.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kevin I. SV-'Hunter'

    SV Creation Suggestions

    If your having trouble killing SV's try using these weapons. Note that they are only for Ventuno made SV's (HOLY).
    Sorry I can't remember the names but I remembered some of them.
    The 3 pod rocket Aspide launchers.
    M24/L Meteor (Rocket Launcher X3)
    Drill (It's a drill, you know for melee attacks... I've destroyed plenty SV's with this so far its the strongest melee weapon)
    Esturik (Good weapon with good 'range, its pretty long. Does 1150 I think)
    Rod (Better than the Esturik but less than than the Drill)

    I suggest using H2Rollers (For legs) or H24Rollers, or preferably the fast Hover legs. When you have enough money you can go customize the hover legs to add durability and weight capacity but lowers speed. Don't worry do it anyway those hover legs are pretty fast (168kmh).

    These are all restricted to Ventuno made SV's.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kevin I. SV-Pilot 'Xnype'

    Special SV's

    There are special SV's with the special weapons I talked about. On Day 12 go to American Stars, Kojima Heavy Industry, or Ventuno Gruppo areas and you will see new SV's with special weapons, this is a special day offer only, its good to save your money if you've played through the first 60 days :).

  • Xbox | Submitted by Big ANT

    Double, Triple Damage

    For those of you who play Phantom Crash. This is a cool code but you might already know this. Go to the shop that sells chips buy any one it doesn't matter. Next save up money and upgrade it to level 50 through 100(If it on 100 it dose major damage.) Now if your fighting a tough boss or Opponent like Roy or Siba for instance. Try to get behind them and shot them in the back it will do double or triple the damage.
    P.S. God mode cheat or Invincibility is a fake so don't try it.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to Skip Intermissions

    Hold L + R + click Left Analog-stick + click Right Analog-stick during a intermission

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Be Invincible

    Go to the main menu and press X, Y, B, A, Back, White, Up, Down, Up, Down

  • Xbox | Submitted by kamikaze

    AWESOME mech setup

    ok ive found that a great setup is a level 38 light holy body and two L50/javelin laser beams as arms with one of those arms being level 93 light. you should have level 72 heavy legs and a level 99 heavy slingshot on the left part of the back and a M-24L/4Aspide on the right part. you should have a 30mm armor unit and two OCGVB oc chips for options. you should have a light white paintjob and a lightning bolt sticker. name it Kamikaze. it works really well on every thing except the last boss. you're on you're own there. hope it works for you.

Phantom Crash Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kevin I. SV-'Hunter'

    Hints For Getting NY (New Yen)

    Stay near the hovercopter circle pads. You can get powerups every now and then when the hovership drops them.
    -Use the cloak (you know, invisibility). Then attack. Make sure to check the OC Gauge. When it's low, find a corner and de-cloak, and wait for it to re-charge. (Make sure there are no enemies first!)
    -Watch out, if you go up against a skilled pilot with a machinegun. He'll/She'll fire blindly in your area and might hit you. That will knock out your shield. You should go backwards and fire missiles as you retreat. If you can stand and fight... go ahead.
    -If you kill the area rankers (the pilots' whose health bar is pink) you get more money.
    -If you want to kill them easily make sure they don't go for the health powerups and other stuff. Then let the other SV Pilots wear him/her down. When you think the SV is weakened enough... go for the win!
    -Save your money... ever now and then you might need it.
    -Uplift your chips. I suggest getting the Dog or other chips who have 'Square Range'.
    -Sell un-used modules, chips, or other things.