Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Cheats

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Unlockables

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    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Achievements

    Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Achievement List

    The P-1 CLIMAX Begins! (10 points):
    Welcome to P4AU!

    Arcade Novice (10 points):
    You completed Arcade Mode with one character.

    Arcade Master (20 points):
    You completed Arcade Mode with three characters.

    Score Attacker (10 points):
    You completed one Score Attack course.

    Score Warrior (20 points):
    You completed three Score Attack courses!

    Score Master (40 points):
    You completed five Score Attack courses!

    Brave Gladiator (10 points):
    You raised a character to level 10 in Golden Arena Mode!

    Daring Gladiator (40 points):
    You raised a character to level 30 in Golden Arena Mode!

    Heroic Gladiator (80 points):
    You raised a character to level 50 in Golden Arena Mode!

    Not Unlike a Boss (10 points):
    You defeated a boss character in Golden Arena Mode!

    Arena Dabbler (10 points):
    You completed one Golden Arena course.

    Arena Experience (20 points):
    You completed two Golden Arena courses!

    Arena Domination (80 points):
    You completed three Golden Arena courses!

    Irreplaceable Bond (20 points):
    You maxed out a Social Link in Golden Arena Mode!

    Baby Steps (10 points):
    You started on the road to knowledge.

    Cram Session (20 points):
    You studied 20 different Lessons.

    30-Minute Workout (10 points):
    You trained for 30 minutes straight!

    Don't Think, Feel (40 points):
    You completed all of one character's challenges!

    Combination Fighter (10 points):
    You completed 150 challenges!

    Combination Master (40 points):
    You completed 300 challenges!

    P4AU Player (20 points):
    You reached Level 30 in Network Mode.

    Battle Hymn of the Soul (20 points):
    You did battle against all the different characters in Network Mode.

    Investigation Team (20 points):
    You defeated all the Shadow characters playing in Network Mode.

    The True Self (20 points):
    You fought your own Shadow in Network Mode!

    First Victory! (10 points):
    You won your first Network match!

    Tried and True (10 points):
    You completed 20 Network matches.

    Thorough (10 points):
    You completed 50 Network matches.

    Rock Solid (40 points):
    You completed 100 Network matches.

    Wildcard Master (10 points):
    You used all the characters in Network Mode!

    The Manly Way - Fierce Fighting (20 points):
    You reached Grade E+.

    The Manly Way - Mortal Combat (30 points):
    You reached Grade C.

    Midnight Rerun (10 points):
    You watched a replay in the Theater. Was it everything you dreamed of?

    You're on My List (10 points):
    You've registered a Rival in the Player List.

    Mashy Mashy (10 points):
    You pulled off 100 Auto Combos in Arcade or Network Mode.

    100 Furious Stories (10 points):
    You performed 100 Furious Actions in Arcade or Network Mode.

    Ultimate Suplex Hold (10 points):
    You used the S Hold System 10 times in Arcade or Network Mode.

    World Class SP Skills (10 points):
    You won 30 rounds with SP Skills or Awakened SP Skills in Arcade or Network Mode.

    You're Not Me! (10 points):
    You went on a Shadow Frenzy!

    Advanced Fishing Manual (10 points):
    You performed 10 Fatal Counters in Arcade or Network Mode.

    Awakened SPSkillBoosts Made Easy (10 points):
    You used an Awakened SP Skill Boost in Arcade or Network Mode.

    The Punk's Way (10 points):
    You defeated an opponent without letting them Awaken in Arcade or Network Mode.

    The Divine Way (10 points):
    You successfully used each character's Instant Kill move in Arcade or Network Mode.

    Good Job! (10 points):
    You achieved a Perfect victory in Arcade or Network Mode!