Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour Cheats

Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Tyler Dawley


    On the 3rd level you should be at the same altitude as the Japanese Airplanes. How you can tell if your the same altitude is the arrow's!if the arrows are green your on the same altitude as the planes! if the arrows are red and are pointing down go up until the arrows are green. If the arrow's are red and going up go down until the arrows are green.

  • PC | Submitted by John

    Extra Points

    On mission 6 go near the top of B3 and you will see an island. Destroy the tree on the island and it will say enemy Bill Mooney's favorite tree destroyed +500 points!

  • PC | Submitted by Mike Falaras

    Get In Undetected

    On level 8 after you take-off you will go toward a cliff. instead of going over the cliff go down and turn left. follow the coast line until you come to a dock-like thing with two hangers on it. then go as low as you can with out crashing and fly over the hangers. keep low to the until you come to a railroad track then pull up and destroy the air field so that you will not be fired at from enemy planes. now you have gotten in undetected.

  • PC | Submitted by best fighter

    Get Rid Of Anti Aircraft!

    What you can do is take one of your plane that doesn't take up any performance points and you wont lose any performance points while getting rid of the a.a. you will get rid of those pesky a.a. without losing anything valuable. a hint is to get a high altitude before attacking the a.a. then you will be able to do all the damage you want with out loosing any performance points. (but there is still planes.) (take the big bombers to do the job.)

  • PC | Submitted by Nick Griffin

    U.S. Kamikazes (Suicide Bombers)

    On any mission when u are choosing an airplane, pick the first one. go to any air field or ship and run into it. u may want to pick any bomber or torpedo bomber and use it before u crash. this will make more damage on the ship or air field. GOOD LUCK

  • PC | Submitted by kfc

    Secret Points

    On mission 3 in section 4A when taking off shoot the first trees in front of the runway and you will get +500pts for destroying enemy Zachary Tomporowski trees.

    On mission 7 at the top of section 4A there is one tree. Shoot it and you will get +500pts for destroying Enemy Meng Lin's Favorite tree

    On mission 9 in section B2 come in from the sea to land and shoot the first two tress that are together for +500pts for destroying McGee's favorite tree and monkey.

    On mission 10 in section A1 there is a tree by itself behind the four machinegun nests. Shoot it for +500pts. if it was the right tree it will say Enemy Ed Piper's favorite tree destroyed

Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Will Smith

    Secret Planes

    Click on the very small plane dot a little more than half-way down on the right side of the Select Mission Screen.This will get you all secret planes...including the Raptor,Flying Saucer...and so on.Enjoy!