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Pax Imperia 2 Cheats

Pax Imperia 2 Hints

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    WIZZARD's Power Words for Pax Imperia II

    After "Dungeon Keeper" - the second Power Words are about the strategy
    game "Pax Imperia II" (These PWs are released 4.1.1998, after playing
    this game for several days. Thanx to Andreas for hardware). This game is
    let`s say very similar to "Master of Orion II". If youýve played that
    before it is not too difficult to start your own Empire. The
    realtime-mode is not too bad, slow it down at the beginning or in
    important phases. For those who never saw Orion: you can create your own
    galactic empire with colonizing planets, doing research, conquering
    worlds and managing your empire. It is a complex strategic and economic
    simulation where you often have to think about all aspects at once, in
    short- and longterm-plans.

    I played only the German version, so I am not shure about some original
    names. By the way, the German translation of this game has many funny
    or just stupid mistakes. (ever seen "Schlitze" in a spaceship? ;-).

    Here is one strategy (there are many ways to win) and some common tips:
    - I don`t play custom races. My created race are the Elarians. They are
    a proud race of scientists (science +5 in the attributes) and
    constructors (construction +5) of mighty spacefleets. Doing Spionage or
    sabotage is against their honor (spionage -5). They don`t need that
    because of their superior technologigal knowledge (weapons, shield, ship
    & colonial research "high+1"). Alcyone, the home planet of the Quantum
    Empire is well kown for ist great cities and impressive buildings, for
    the Elarians are a rich race (finace +1). - Staring your empire: better
    test your staring position. If you have many opponents, check out that
    no one is directly nearby. Start on the edge of the map. Important is to
    find several green planets (very fast population growth) in range of the
    start-position. Build at once another transporter and send the other off
    at once (Speed = 0). The research should go 100% on research buildings
    (750 points, 3750 points) & then on construction. Build these buildings
    very fast on your planet & start all yur new planets with research. This
    is a very important phase. After some time (hope to have no encounter
    yet) you can start researching some weapons & shields & basic spaceship
    equipment like fast tactical engines. But do most research on weapons &
    shields at the beginning for they are the most important at that time.
    When you have some destroyers (donýt resesarch or use rockets -> trash)
    you should research very fast for better colonizing units (Class C).
    Never build a ship with old weapons when you found new technology, e.g.
    the waveshield.

    - The Elarians don`t like spionage, so don`t pay any money for it (0%).

    - Planets: at the beginning is finding & chosing the right planets very
    important. Green is top, best with high wealth, orange is OK when having
    more than 10 population with at least 3 wealth. Donýt build colonies on
    red planets in the beginning, they have no population growth. This and
    efficient research are the keys for your superiority in the virtual

    - When you found in the beginning of your game a green planet with a
    high wealth & population then start with building buildings and later
    with a wharf in the orbit to build fast transporters for more

    - Research in mid-game: try to skip useless things like the tactical
    drives with defense bonus (takes too long to research). I donýt research
    any warpdrives for more than 2 jump range, because I never needed them.
    But: to get the biggest ship fast you need to research the neutronium
    (in the field of shields) and some other warp-engines & fundamental
    research. Try fast to develop the biggest ships. While waiting for
    research (Speed = 5) donýt forget to look from time to time after your
    colonies that they always buld what you want.

    - Computer-research: very stupid. Never stressed on a special field like
    ("How do I get the best shield in the galaxy?"), it just goes through
    all topics with 750 points, then all with 3750 and so on. The Elarians
    are much more effective.

    - Computer-constructing: again stupid. You should be more clever &
    specialize planets for research, finance-centers (many of them in the
    mid-game to finance your future fleets!) or planets with fast
    contructing. Donýt build some constructing buildings at the beginning,
    time is too short, just start directly with science or finace. Donýt
    ever build a spionage-building (in this partuculary strategy).

    - Weapons-research: donýt waste any time on rockets and do not research
    at the beginning too much in planetary bombs (firestorm is quite
    enough). But get fast some good long-range weapons (Durg-Cannon) and
    then some nice mid-range weapons.

    - Research in Space: donýt waste many points here at the beginning. A
    C-class colonizer is important and a level-3 wharf is good, but here are
    not too many important things. But in the mid-game you will encounter
    intelligent mines. To get rid of them research the mines & then the
    anti-mine-ship and build it in your bigger ships. Later, you might
    encounter mines this ship can`t see & so you must research better mines
    & the better anti-mine-ship.

    - The Elarians conquer other worlds & protect these with their fleets
    which guard their systems (the guarding-symbol). They donýt ever need a
    planetary defense system, because parts their fleets (two ships) always
    protect their systems at the border to other territory. They are smart
    enough not to fight at too many places of the galaxy at once, they first
    finish a branch off & then go to another. Because of their superior
    technology theyr ships win nearly every battle.

    - And the computer can play very stupid, he has only three little
    spaceships, notices my big fleet & declares war. Talking about
    stupidity: the computer is not bad at automatic fighting, but has
    difficulties with good moving big fleets. Sometimes you have to move
    your ships to the right position & click again on automatic fight.

    - Cracking the planetary defense system: can be difficult with even very
    modern ships, so take at least four big ones (4000) and some medium
    ships (2000) to attack a system with mines, rockets and battlestation.

    - In the later mid-game you should start to research good fighters. The
    Elarians don`t have any problems fighting their opponent fleets, but
    have to be careful about fighter pods & battlestations on other planets.
    Now you should fast research all fighters & develop a carrier-ship with
    some weapons.

    - Talking about weapons: the Elarians never use weapons on the left or
    right side on their ships, they attack always from the front, for they
    never flee. Weapons for the front are: long-range like gauss cannon and
    mid-range weapons like the quantum torpedoes. Important especially for
    attacking mined systems are the point-weapons for the around-defense of
    the ship. Here you should place mostly mid-range or short-range heavy
    weapons, but many different ones. Donýt let the computer automatically
    equip your ship!

    - The computer places two fighting fleets in far-weapon-range. But it is
    better to move your ships very near to the enemy fleet & then switch
    back to automatic fight. Then the heavy short-range weapon can be used.
    With this tactics, the Elarians destroy ever four times bigger fleets.

    - Attacking heavily guarded systems: the others launch their fighters
    and they come near, your fleet starts. Then press the
    stop-automatic-button and wait for your fleet destroying the fighters.
    Then start to attack the mines and the battlestation. With this easy
    tactics you save a lot of ships.

    - In the mid-game you`ve got many nice planets (I hope for you), so you
    should look from time to time to find the best administrator for the
    fields like ship construction or research. This brings much more points,
    often 10%,

    - Damage: in Pax Imperia II, the ships don`t just have hitpoints going
    to zero when being attacked, the enemy attacks can damage important
    systems as tactical engines (no moving), weapons or warp-engines. If
    your fleet doesn`t move or go through the wormhole, try to find out
    which ship is damaged and scrap it.

    - Moving your damaged ships back to a construction bay repairs them
    faster. You should research fast the repairing-drone. For fast Hit
    Recovery (reminds me on Diablo...), put two reairing drones in one ship.

    - You will see that having a good fleet will be expensive: after the
    first research & colonizing phase start with building specialized
    finance worlds. When having the class-C colonizer, you should also
    colonize on red worlds if they are rich (at least x4). This is a good
    trick to get many money, because you have five million colonists at once
    on this planet.

    - In the end-game (I think you came so far ;-) your empire should attack
    the strongest opponent & build many tranceporters and move the front of
    your systems through the galaxy. With the InfiniShield(tm) and the
    Corona (great weapon) you can easily destroy any planetary defense
    system. But in the rush of building a big fleet look from time to time
    if you have enough money to finace it. If not, scrap the oldest and most
    damaged ships in the fleet menu.

    - During the end-game, the Elarians have enough research points, so they
    only build finance worlds (change switch to "finance").

    - When playing against 15 computer opponents, you will see they mostly
    work all together against you, even do research together! But no problem
    - the superior Quantum Empire of the Elarians win all battles.

    Now start your empire and colonize the galaxy. Good luck.

    Christian Wizzard

    visit me at