Outlaw Tennis Cheats

Outlaw Tennis Unlockables

  • Xbox | Submitted by Ivana

    Unlockable Characters

    Afrodite - Clear Vinny's Tour Mode.
    Golf-ball - Clear Ice Trey's Tour Mode.
    Ice Trey Clear Shawnee's Tour Mode.
    Kiku- - Clear Donna's Tour Mode.
    Luther - Clear Ice-Trey's Tour Mode.
    Natasha - Clear Summer's Tour Mode.
    Shawnee - Clear Sven's Tour Mode.
    Sven - Clear Killer's Tour Mode.
    Tennis ball Bruce - Clear Bruce's Tour Mode.
    Tennis ball Luther - Clear Luther's Tour mode.
    Tennis ball Killer - Clear Killer's Tour mode.
    Tennis ball Sven - Clear Sven's Tour mode.
    Tommy - Clear Kiku's Tour mode.
    Vinny - Clear El-Suave's Tour mode.
    Volleyball Shawnee - Clear Shawnee's Tour mode.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Maddawg

    Unlock Everything

    Create a profile using the name "Cut To The Chase" (no quotation marks and case-sensitive; type it in just like you see it) and then hold the Right and Left Triggers while you save the profile. Everything is unlocked, all the tours, drills, characters, costumes, courts, etc. The tours and drills aren't played yet so you still have to build up the characters' stats