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    Submitted by Joe Lavoine

Orphen Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Stephen Jensen

    How to beat dark orphen (phantom orphen)

    First thing you do is when he turns into "you" you put an the shield of purity until he hits with his smoke. then when he turns to magnus or someone else use your sword or anything else repeat this about 4 times.
    Get elemental jewels
    From the chaos island talk to the merchant with a shovel he will give u 3 azure jewel for a lance.
    Beat ShapeShifter
    TO beat the shapeshifter. First do not attack it when its in disguise of your teammates. You can only attack it when its in the form of Grey Orphen. When It uses its dark attack reflect it right back at him. Keep doing this and you have a easy win.
    Beat Giant Worms and Monster Spider Easily
    When going up against the the 2 wall worms and the giant spider here are some tips. On the worms use the hand of pyro on the worms and use the bite of lightning on their babies. Whenever they jump at use use your shield. Then on the Spider on the first target lock you get use the bite of lightning and when he recovers do it again just don't charge it u up just small lightning will do doing this i got the spiders life do the half HP. We it puts up its web keep using the hand of pyro or the bite of lightning watch out for it butt blow and shooting. When you get poisoned your screwed but when you do try hitting the web or the spider with the sword of justice. Mainly every second counts stand your ground and use your shield with time.

Orphen Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Gokuu

    Get Mar on the ship

    To get Mar on the ship, go to Sephy and Zeus. When you have a choice to let them join you, say no. Go back to the cabin area and you'll see Mar!
    Restart Battle
    If you ever want to restart a battle all you have to do is pause the game go to equipment and go back. Then the battle you were fighting will be restarted.