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    Submitted by FullBurst41

Operation Flashpoint Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Infonaut

    Unlimited Ammo (Hex Method)


    To alter the amount of ammo available to each weapon or magazine simply edit the weapons.cfg file found in the 'saved' folder contained within your user folder.




    * Save a back-up copy prior to changing !!!

    The weapons.cfg file defines weapon classes
    where u can change the ammo amounts.

    class Magazine3
    class Magazine4

    Once changed you will need to re-start your mission or continue your campaign for the changes to take effect. These changes are often reset at the beginning of new missions/campaings requiring you to alter the new cfg file for that particular mission.

  • PC | Submitted by Anon

    Full Ammo

    On the second level on campaign mode when your officer shouts go go go! Immediately type in moreammo and u will get full ammo.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Invincibility (Demo Only)

    Start your mission and go until you get to the helicopter. Wait a few seconds and jump out of the helicopter. Jump out before they start screaming about the helicopter getting hit. You will become invincible until you go to the Target area and finish the leve

  • PC | Submitted by Skyfire

    Various Cheats

    While holding left shift push "-" (num pad) then leave them. After that type:
    savegame - saves game during missions
    endmission - ends mission
    topography - Show elevations on map
    campaign - while in main menu (all missions)
    iwillbetheone - Invincibility

  • PC | Submitted by Nuttzzyone

    Unlimited ammo ,and weapons

    Durring game play "Alt+ ~"to exit to windows, go to your "Operationflashpoint/users/username/saved/temp"directory then open 1985.sqc file
    with note pad, in there is where your progress in the campaign is kept.
    look for you campaign title and the find this entry--

    take note of the "idgroup" value
    and the "id" value.

    now goto \OperationFlashpoint\Users\username\Saved\campaigns\1985
    open weapons.cfg file using note pad
    look for "david armstong" and edit his "idgroup" and "id" values acording to 1985.sqc values

    whille your there you can crank up anybodys weapons,including your own or exchange weapons.
    save the changes you made and return to your game and restart the currnt campaign
    if you did it right it will work flawlessly.
    the same can be done with "red hammer"

  • PC | Submitted by sgwhite

    All Missions

    At the First Screen. Hold the left click and press the minus key on the number keypad then type campaign to open all campaigns

  • PC | Submitted by Alexander Mller

    Finish level

    At the start of any level type skip mission i don't know if you are supposed to have a space between skip and mission.

    NOTE! you have to hold down the left "shift" and both "minus" buttons in three seconds before you can type the code.

Operation Flashpoint Unlockables

  • PC | Submitted by Snubs

    Bonus Level

    After you beat the game (I destroyed the second scud and killed Guba) Watch through all the credits and let it go through all the loading screens. After the credits are over it will start a scene with the black ops guy talking on the phone to Dave (Armstrong, the inf. guy) After the scene you get to fly a Cessna into the Everon airport and pick up all the other characters that you got to play and take them to a pub.