One Must Fall: Battlegrounds Cheats

One Must Fall: Battlegrounds Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Matthew Moyle

    Nuke on desert level

    On the desert level you'll notice that there is a large pyramid in the centre that you apparently you can't climb, at two of the ends of the level there are strange black circles. If you manage to get to one without the crowd getting mad at you it will catapult you onto the top of the pyramid, which has a nuke on top. Which is a huge advantage because it is the only one in the level.

  • PC | Submitted by Mincetro

    Defeating Hawk

    To defeat hawk, you must collect the Energy balls and throw them at him once you have depleted his health. This is Very difficult, but it is the only way to defeat him that I know of. (Press Defend to pick up the ball and again to throw it)

  • PC | Submitted by |)arkness

    Easy gargoyle master win

    If you stand on the thin ground on iceberg (artic death) you can fly to the center and the AI will walk into the water.