Okage: the Shadow King Cheats

Okage: the Shadow King Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Monkey man

    The Bottle Sending

    here is a man on the side of the beach near the third town he will tell you about bottle sending. Once you are ready to send a bottle pick one of the texts (usually the bottom works). Now go away and continue whatever you were doing and when you decide to check on the beach for a bottle. Find and read the message. If you don't get a message for See me at tenel inn second floor then you did it wrong. (you can do this many times just keep the bottle from the message you just got). Go to tenel inn and go to second floor for a surprise.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Harold H

    Get Characters

    Big Bull: To get Big bull Beat the chairman evil king and go to the statue passage way. He will tell you to go to a big hollow Tree dungeon outside of Tenel, Beat him and he will become a team member. (Ignore it if Kisling dies, The important ones are Ari, (your character), and Rosalyn. Linda: Go to the research lab in Madril. Talk to the middle guy of the three "Linda groupies" and thy will tell you that she is an evil king. Go to the abandoned station. Linda will be standing there, Talk to her and she will confirm that she is an evil king. (Tean Idol Evil King) Go to the "Map O' Evil Kings" and it will tell you where to go. When you get to the dungeon, beat it and fight her. (Destroy the Bears first 'cause they will use "virus stage 2" on you plenty of times. (Team members should be Rosalyn, and Kisling. 1.Because they have more LP to gather than if you had big bull. 2. because Kisling is more affective against "Teen Idol Evil King") Use Rosalyn's special "Parasol Amulet" and she will be immune to the special viruses. (She still has the ones before you use "Parasol Amulet") After you beat her she will give you items and join your party.

Okage: the Shadow King Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Tairy

    Hints on Okage Shadow King

    After beating the Bubble Evil King you'll have to talk a bit. You rescue the princess, and guess what she runs away. But don't find her yet, go back into the Aquatic Ruins & kill the urns again. You'll get a lot of money. Keep going until you think you've gotten enough. Go to Nameless Dwelling in Tenel, you'll find Marlene there! Progressing to Chapter 4,be careful this is long, and I mean it!
    Where To Find The Princess
    To find the Princess go back to the town called Tenel. Do not go into the town. Go to Ari's house and go to the kitchen. There you will find the Princess talking to Ari's Mother. Once you find her she will join you on your journey.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Matrix

    How to find Toby

    To find Toby check every house, you'll know its his house when you see a boy standing in front of his back door. Talk to the boy,SURPRISE!Its Toby. He'll ask you the password, its the second to the bottom.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Annie Bananie

    Chapter 1 Hints:

    You are first going to see Ari's mom in the kitchen talking to herself... and then Annie, Ari's little sister walks in. Both the family members start talking and then... you come in! The mom will ask you what you want for dinner but it does not really matter what you choose cuz it will always be a secret :P Then she tells you that your father has found this weird purple bottle which is on the kitchen table. You can choose one of the three different things but it still does not matter cuz it is nopt important. Your mother then has just remembered that she has to pick up bread for ther supper and i mean, who can eat without bread! So yuo can choose one of the three choices but no matter what u will be the one to get the bread hahahaha! She tells you to go to the Tenel bakery. So, off we go! Leave the house and then you will have to talk to Annie so she can get out of you'r way! Open the gate and talk to the people you meet. The pudgy boy will tell you where Tenel village is !
    and it isn't hard to find so i am sure you don't need directions. Before you go to the bakery, make sure you go visit every house cuz there could be something important like that lady on the top floor of the grocery store who tells you to go to the butchers. Also, talk to Julia who is at the entrance desperately waiting for you! Even if you ask her out or not she will have to tell you something bad later!
    To get the first cyphertext you have to go the the Elder's house in Tenel. (It is the very big house) then you have to talk to him. I think it might only work if you started your journey and you defeated the 2nd boss. He will give the first one to you. When u read it all backwords it is "The circus is here let's go to the grounds" then when you go to the circus grounds there will be a "suspisous guy" there talk to him and he will give you the next one. The next on un-coded is..." knock three times on the side of town hall of the machines" then you go to the next city. on the side of town hall ( when u r looking at it on the left side) go to it. The boy will have a exclamation point so u have to press X When it gives you a choice press "knock 3 times" then you get the next one.