Nightcaster Cheats

Nightcaster Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Rune Locations

    Light Rune- Go to Chapter 3 and a witch and her sister will give you the rune and a spell.

    Fire Rune- Go to Chapter 4 and defeat the Beguiler and his clown to get the rune.

    Water Rune- Go to Chapter 8 and reunite the lost brothers to get the rune.

    Dark Rune- Go to Chapter 10 and reunite the two children with their mother to get the rune.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get health potion

    Immediately after killing an enemy creature, use a health potion before its body disappears and it will drop a health potion. Not sure if it works all the time but so far it's worked for me.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Gary

    Life is fun

    When Arron is getting low on life go to your closest school mageic changer.Go in to receive
    full health.(dose not work when fighting a boss).

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Health Tip

    When close to a mushroom ring, save your game , quit and reload to restore health

  • Xbox | Submitted by steven

    Easy health

    Get the light rune in chapter 3 and equip it. If your in a big battle and get that warning sigh from your orb then run away until the monsters gone then start the runes power and wait there till your health is full. Then go back and kill the rest of them. (NOTE: kill the spawners first the go kill the one that are still there)

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar


    To defeat Quinn easily just run around in circles but making sure that he doesn't blow ice at you, after blowing ice at you go close to him and quickly run back out. When he tries to attack you get out of the way and either attack with fire, light, or dark. repeat this until the two bars on the screen come up. (top&bottom)

  • Xbox | Submitted by Vincente

    Defeating Dragon

    This is a walkthrough on how to defeat the dragon in level v ( 5 ). first equip yourself with all of the water powers. then
    wait until he shoots fire balls at you and then use the water power that creates a wall of ice. ( keep in mind you have to hold the right trigger in for 2 or more seconds in order to fully cast a spell.) then when it creates a wall of ice, use this to freeze the dragon. you have to push this into the dragon. keep doing this and you will defeat the dragon. if you start to lose life, use your light rune to recover life, at the same time running away avoiding the dragons fireballs.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Romeo Della Santa

    Funny little thing to do!

    A funny thing to do on level 3 is to meet the which at the begging of the level and help her kill all the monsters around her. then after you have killed the monsters around her start attacking her and she will get pissed! she will start to attack you and she will kick your butt. (make sure you have saved your game before you do this!)

  • Xbox | Submitted by Night Killer

    Door Bell

    GO beat the game first to make it better. On Road to Perth before you get to the stiltwalkers there are stairs leading up a door on the right hand side. Go up the ramp and lean forward and left at the same time. You should hear a door bell or a knocking noise. (Only the left hand side works.)

  • Xbox | Submitted by Vincente

    Shadow Dragon

    This is how to defeat the shadow dragon in chapter X . first equip yourself with these four magic spells ( 1 )light glyph
    ( 2 )glacial might
    ( 3 )venom strike
    ( 4 )fire glyph
    in order to defeat this dragon isn't as easy as the first two. you have to use the magic spells in this order ( 1-4 ).to defeat him.
    keep in mind at the same time keeping an eye on your life meter. the easiest way to defeat him is to wait for him to strike and then run up to him putting your light on his either of his feet and strike. if done correctly, he will be defeated. try your hardest to avoid being hit. no runes are required to beat him.