Nicktoons Unite Cheats

Nicktoons Unite Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Max

    Unlock All Levels!

    Go 2 the level select menu.

    Hold down L2 and enter the following: Hold L2, X, right, left, down, X, Triangle, and hold down R1 for 10 seconds!

Nicktoons Unite Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ultimate Grunt X

    Character combos:

    In certain levels you will need cooperation between characters. Use
    SpongeBob to throw a Bubble Bomb to the other side. Then have Danny
    turn invisible and glide. Get out of invisibility, then pick up the
    bomb. Run to where you need to use it.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Twiggy

    Beat Bosses easily

    Beat Walker
    Overshadow a prison guard then beat down Walker.

    Overshadow Jack Fenton and take down Vlads shield. When he starts shooting use your phase shift.

    Jellyfish Harvesters
    Shrink them and stand back far enough to shoot.

    With SpongeBob run around dodging attacks until Plankton stops and looks up. throw a bubble bomb at Plankton's mouth, then attack him Note: Don't go after the henchmen let the COM players fight.

    M.r Crocker
    Hit him until his life goes down all the way.Freeze the generators and then destroy them.You have to do this 3 times.Watch out for blue missiles, they'll turn you into a syndicate grunt.

    Giant Flea
    FIght until he tries to recover.When it does take an elavator to either of the eardrums, then press B. Repeat until the Giant Flea is Dead.

    Final Battle
    In the Final battle you have to fight all of the main bosses: Calamitous, Crocker, Plankton, and Vlad. You have to smash buttons to build four bridges, then you activate the switches to take down the shields. I recommend you fight one at a time.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ultimate Grunt X

    Defeating the Giant Fleebot

    When the Fleebot jumps to the ground, jump so you do not get hurt.
    Then, use Danny's Ghostly Wail until he jumps to heal. Jump to the
    drums and punch it so that he falls. If you still have energy, use
    Danny's Intergibilty to get health and energy orbs when possible.
    Then, continue to use Ghostly Wail, Continue doing this as long as
    possible and you should win.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ultimate Grunt X

    Defeating Plankton:

    Wait for Plankton to come down and land in front of you. Then, use
    Spongebob to make Bubble Bombs and throw them at Plankton when he is
    standing up and you can see his belly. This will knock him down for
    a little while so you can hit and weaken him. Repeat these steps
    until he is defeated.

    When you first start, Plankton will drop down. Then, use either
    Timmy's or Danny's best attack until he jumps to the top get some
    energy and health orbs. Then, switch to SpongeBob. Before Plankton
    jumps down again use a Bubble Bomb on the shadow. That is where he
    will drop. He will inject it and cause him to flip over. Then,
    attack him. Get the health and energy orbs as invisible Danny.
    Continue doing this until Plankton is defeated. Note: After damaging
    him severely, he will start shooting an energy beam which will hurt
    you. If you watch where he goes you can easily avoid it.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ultimate Grunt X

    Win Crocker Fight:

    You will start on the lower level of the big wand and have a large area to work with. When the fight starts, Crocker will be shooting Wish Stars that follow you. Hopefully by this you point you have upgraded Danny Phantom's Ghostly Wail to the highest level, as it is the most effective against Crocker. If you are playing with another player, have them use Timmy Turner because of his long range attack. However, make sure that you are always pointing at Crocker or you will lock onto the energy poles. Once you lock on to Crocker with Danny, he stays locked on as long as you keep the attack held. It is also helpful to have another player there to keep the Grunts off your back. After you drain Crocker's health, use Timmy's Freeze Glove to freeze an energy pole and use Danny to punch it. If you are fast, you may be able to get two. When you destroy the four poles, you will go up a level and must destroy four more. By this time, Crocker will start using the energy draining Wand Bombs and the Toy Bomb which turns you into a Grunt if you are hit. The last level is smaller than the first two, and the energy poles are harder to reach.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Danny Phantom

    Lots of coins

    First unlock Jimmy's football helmet, Timmys ice glove and Cleft.Go to first levelIn jimmy's lab.Use the ice glove to open bottom righthand door(colllect the coins).Continue down path use Cleft to spin wheel and open door(colllect the coins). Use Jimmy foot ball helmet to open door(collect coins) In all there are 283 coins!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Gustavos/Glenn Doherty

    Everyones attacks

    Here's a list of all of everyones attacks and where you get them

    Danny's attacks: Ghost Punch at the start, Over shadow First level First World, Invisibility third level, First world, Ghostly Whale second level, third world

    Timmy's attacks: Starflinger at the start, Freeze glove, second level, first world, Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder, third level, second world, First Aid second level third world

    Jimmy's attacks:Tornado Blaster at the start, Shrink Ray, second level first world, Nuetronic Flair first level, second world, Football Helmet,first level third world

    Spongebob's attacks: Karate Chop at the start, Water Soak, third level, first world, Doodlebob Lure, First level, second world, Bubble Bomb, third level, second world

  • GameCube | Submitted by Chase M. Belles

    How to beat Plankton

    To beat Plankton you have to make a bubble bomb with Spongebob and throw it at him when he stands up. Keep doing this to beat him. he will flip over after you throw the bomb at him.

  • GameCube | Submitted by toiu

    How To Beat Vlad

    To beat Vlad you have to overshadow Danny's dad. Then punch Vlad's field. Then punch him alone. Repeat untll Vlad's dead.

Nicktoons Unite Unlockables

  • GameCube | Submitted by gospongebob

    New Character Skins

    If you have "Spongebob Squarepants Lights, Camera, Action!" on your memory card, you can have different character skins.