Nice Fable III related surprise coming for subscribers of UK's Official Xbox 360 Magazine

Do you subscribe to the UK's Official Xbox 360 Magazine? If the answer is 'YES', then you'll have a surprise when the latest issue drops through your door at the end of this week. Don't worry, it's a good surprise - the subscription fee isn't going up or anything nasty like that. That would be a bad surprise.

What is this most intriguing and secretive of surprises? Well, it wouldn't be a surprise if we told you. However, we will say that it has something to do with YOU and Fable III. You'll never guess, so don't bother trying.

In the interests of not over-hyping and unrealistically raising expectations, we should tell you now that while the surprise is good, it isn't a free copy of Fable III or a date with Peter Molyneux. So don't go expecting that.

Anyway, all will be revealed when subscribers get the next issue of Official Xbox 360 Magazine. If you're not a subscriber, we'll run a story this Friday that brings the mystery out in the open for all to see.

October 12, 2010