NHL2K8 gets replay editor on XBLM

September 19, 2007

2K Sports has today released a downloadable movie editor for NHL 2K8, available for 400 Microsoft points (£3.40) from Xbox Live Marketplace. It's interesting that a feature such as this should come separately as opposed to built into the game itself, although it does sound like a pretty comprehensive editing tool. It features camera angle switches, the ability to add sound effects and fiddle with replay speed.

The '2K Reelmaker' is being used across 2K's sports titles, and enables players to upload their creations to Xbox Live for other players to see. However, there's no word of a PS3 version yet.Still, community features like this are the way forward - one look at YouTube is enough to convince us of that. So for all the Xbox 360-owning NHL fans out there, this should come as great news.