NFL Gameday 2004 Cheats

NFL Gameday 2004 Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ryan

    How to get a super created wide out

    If you want to get a super created wide out, do as i say. go to season and start it with anybody, then go to team management, then to front office, then create player. then a screen will pop up and it will say
    "create player"
    "super player"
    pick super player. then you do whatever you want him to look like. then it'll pop up something else that will have "RUNNING" and below it'll say 2 players. press right to go to receiving. then pick for speed randy moss by going down then right until the end. your speed will be 99. then for hands go down and go to the right until you get to Terrell Owens. your hands will be 99.
    Stadium Password
    Old Carolina CAROL
    Good Ol' Day SEPLA TONE
    Unknown Emerald
    Galactic - GOVT OWNED
    Old Chicago WINDY CITY
    Old Denver 5280 Feet
    Stadium 2050 light year
    Old Detroit Automobiles
    Old New England: salem
    Old Miami: oranges
    Graveyard - Rising
    Space - lunar

NFL Gameday 2004 Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ryan Jordan

    Little mode

    At the main menu hold L1, and R1 and Down, Down, Up, Left, Left, Right. Now pick a team and you should have little players on any team.
    Easy interceptions/sacks
    OK fellow gamers to get a easy interception in season mode or whenever be a really good DB(my personal FAV. Patrick Surtain) and follow the QB's helmet, it looks at its Target for a second or so before he throws it. go to the target if u can and when it reaches about five yards in front of u press Triangle. And Bam an interception.
    Sacks are very easy to get because be a fast CB and do a CB blitz with the fast CB(again my personal FAV. Patrick Surtain) run backwards and wen u think hes going to hike it start running forwards if he doesn't hike it then do the same ting. U will have about 6 sacks per game WITH THAT ONE PERSON. Thanks Guys