NFL Gameday 2001 Cheats

NFL Gameday 2001 Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Other Easter Eggs

    basketball - Players named for Basketball stars
    red zone - Players named programmers
    989 sports - 989 studio players
    gd field - Play on gameday hidden field
    ham injury - when the player tries to run he will suffer a hamstring injury
    booster - Fast Players
    stickem - Receivers catch better
    rocketman - Speed bursts for ball carrier
    smarter cpu - Hardest Mode
    jackhammer - Crunch time with more hits
    stickem - your receivers catch better
    two_d - 2D Players
    giants - Large Players
    euro league - Euro Players
    unbeatable: unbeatable team
    euroleague: Europe league teams
    fatigue: ???

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easter Eggs

    Big Pig- Huge Football
    Strobe Light- Makes players move frame by frame
    ALL BOBO: everyone named bobo
    TWO D: players are 2-d
    ENDURANCE: More endurance
    FLEA CIRCUS: Tiny Players
    POP_WARNER: Fast, Small Players
    SUPER_FOOT: Better running back
    CRUNCH: Hard Tackles
    LINE_BUSTER: Better defensive line
    OVAL_OFFICE: Players named presidents
    ALL EVEN: Players equal in abilities
    FASHION SHOW: Show cheerleaders after game

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    various Cheats

    Go to the cheat menu to enter these codes
    Effect Code
    Players Faster BOOSTER
    Players are 2D TWO D
    Receivers catch better STICKEM
    Long Passes SHOOTERS
    Tackles are Harder CRUNCH
    Giant Players GIANTS
    Defense better LINE BUSTER
    Super running back SUPER FOOT
    Big ball BIG PIG
    More hits JACKHAMMER
    Injuries frequent HAM INJURY
    Opponent kicks are bad AIR CPU
    Get GameDay Field GD FIELD
    Faster fatigue FATIGUE
    Last season players OLD SCHOOL
    All players the same stats ALL EVEN
    Players don't fatigue ENDURANCE
    Basketball players BASKETBALL
    European league stars EURO LEAGUE
    Programmer players RED ZONE
    U.S. President players OVAL OFFICE
    Tiny players FLEA CIRCUS or TINY GUYS
    Small, fast players POP WARNER
    Super special moves SPECIAL MOVE
    Tall and skinny players STICK MEN
    Turbo mode COFFEE BREAK
    Unbeatable team UNBEATABLE
    View game credits CREDITS
    989 Studios players 989 SPORTS
    Get Bobo teams ALL BOBO
    Ball carrier has speed bursts ROCKETMAN or ROCKET_MAN
    Get cheerlears after game FASHION SHOW
    Easy Mode CHEATERS
    Hardest mode SMARTER CPU
    Extra Teams
    Go to the team select screen and press Circle 1 time for great teams or Circle, Circle for super bowl teams

  • PS2 | Submitted by dude 5555

    Super Bowl/Great Teams

    In the preseason mode, at the team select screen, press Circle once to get the the NFL greats on the team of your choice. Press Circle again, to get the Super Bowl teams.