NFL Fever 2003 Cheats

NFL Fever 2003 Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Super Teams

    OK go to the rosters screen click on edit players and pick a player on our favorite team now make him 99 everything and his salary will be high but o well right c'mon now do this with all the players and your team will be unstopable. SACKS almost every time!!!!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Reefy of Da great Jerz

    Desperate Onside Kick

    When your desperate and need to get the ball back when your kicking, choose regular kickoff and either right or left. Then kick a low full powered kick to the side you have chosen. If your team is quick enough they will get the ball back. This take time to master but doesn't always work.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Matt Fahrenz

    Put the codes in as user profile names

    '67 Packers: Cheese
    '72 Dolphins: Perfect
    '77 Cowboys: Thehat
    '78 Steelers: Curtain
    '83 Raiders: Outlaws
    '85 Bears: Sausage
    '89 49ers: Empire
    '93 Cowboys: Lonestar
    '96 Packers: Green
    '98 Broncos: Milehigh
    King Cobras--------Venom
    Thunder Sheep------Flock
    War Elephants------Horns
    Winged Gorillas----Flying
    85 Bears----Sausage
    89 49ers----Empire

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Teams in Classic Challenge

    Unlock a team below each time you beat a team in classic challenge. These teams will be available for single play exhibition mode

    1. 98 Denver Broncos
    2. 67 Packers
    3. 93 Cowboys
    4. 85 Bears

  • Xbox | Submitted by Stu Stubbs

    Super Special Teams

    When creating a player, to get an awesome punter or kicker, put the player at the position of your choice. If the player was a kicker, at the attributes screen put PUNT STRENGTH and PUNT ACCURACY up to 100 and injury up to 100. The player will have a 57 rating and also a very low salary. If you pick a punter, put the KICK STRENGTH and KICK ACCURACY at 100 and injury at 100 the players rating and salary will be the same as above. The players will be in free agency. Pick the players up for your team. During a game substitute in the kicker slot the punter you created and in the punter slot the kicker you created. The person in the punter will be able to kick 50 yds or more and the person in the kicker will be able to kick 70 yd fg's. The kicker will also be able to kick it off out of the endzone every time.
    This also works w/NFL Fever 2002

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    More Classic Teams

    Use classic challenge mode to defeat teams to unlock them

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    New Teams

    Get 1996 Packers for 1 player mode

    In training camp finish the Passsing Drills

    Get 1964 Cleveland Browns for 1 player mode

    In training camp finish the Kicking Drills

    Get 1983 Raiders for 1 player mode

    In training camp finish the Tackling Drills

    Get 1977 Cowboys for 1 player mode

    In training camp finish the Running Drills

  • Xbox | Submitted by Matt Fahrenz

    Stadium Unlock

    Put in the following names for your user name to unlock the stadium

    Flowery - Pansies Stadium

    Barracks - Commandos's Stadium

    Sphinx - Pyramid Stadium

    Warrior - Samurai Stadium

    Dustbowl - Tumbleweed Stadium

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Stadiums

    Finish the following number of seasons in Dynasty mode to get the stadium indicated

    5 - Pyramid Stadium

    10 - Samurai Stadium

    15 - Tumbleweed Stadium