NFL Fever 2002 Cheats

NFL Fever 2002 Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Brendan

    Get all Fantasy Teams

    Beat the commandos, chromides, cows, crocs, darulahs, gladiators, hackers, monks, pansies, sumarai, skeletons, spies, tumbleweeds, war elephants, and wild cats by getting them in single play only!!!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Tom Eller

    Best Defense "Sacks Galore"

    When you go to select a defense select Goaline and the select Goaline Jumbo Fin. After you have done so choose GL MIDDLE PLUG. Before the ball is snapped move your Middle Line Backer about 2-3 yars back from where he was standing. let hold the A button down before the ball is snapped. "this will enable you to sprint forward when the ball is snapped." they when the ball is snapped make your player "middle line backer" run right up the middle. (yes the center will get out of the way.) This play works extremely well with Ray Lewis or the Ravens. It is almost sure fire when

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jake the Snake

    Get more Games

    These games are demos and you can play other different games such as fuzion frenzy and project gotham etc. This is how you do it! First at the start game screen go to options, second go down to the last possible selection. And your in!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Big Cory

    Fantasy Teams and Stadiums

    First Go to user profiles and then go to create new profile
    when screen comes up to type in name type in Broadway and then you have all of the fantasy teams and stadiums

  • Xbox | Submitted by Greengiant

    Get More Teams

    Go to training camp and do the training missions. When you beat a training mission on some it will say that you have unlocked a team (the team will be in the single game ONLY!!) Go to the single game and pick the unlocked team(s).P.S.They will all be at the top in the meter chart

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlimited Creation Points

    Go to the Create a player screen and press White five times and Black five times

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar


    To pressure the QB, create 4 new defensive lineman and a new LLB( Left Linebacker), a MLB (Middle Linebacker), and a RLB (Right Linebacker). Now in single game mode switch in your created players (make sure you signed them with the team you are playing with!) and when you are on defense pick 4-3 defense (it will say 4-3 on the screen) then 4-3 UNDER (it will say on screen) and then UNDER BLITZ (it will say on screen). Now when you get up to the line use the defensive right tackle and hold Y (before the play starts) and look at your directed path and use it and try using the right swim move. This should allow your created men to blitz every time and almost sack the QB every time.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various cheats

    Make a profile and put in one of the following case-sensitive names to unlock the cheat

    broadway - All stadiums & teams

    Camo - Commandos

    Milk - Cows

    BigBacks - Gladiators

    Regulate - Chromides

    Crikey - Crocs

    Stone - Skeletons

    Robes - Monks

    Axemen - Hackers

    Viola - Pansies

    Target - Spies

    Slasher - Samurai

    Dusty - tumbleweeds

    Kitty - Wildcats

    Horns - War Elephants

    Odyssey - Millennium Stadium

    Odyssey 2 - Abyss Stadium

    LionPit - Roman Stadium

    Dome - Practice Stadium

    SeaTown - new Seattle Stadium

    Tut - Fantasy team DaRulahs

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Secret Play

    If you are playing single play mode or any mode press L or R and the little red box around your play will disappear making it a SECRET PLAY!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jordan Currey

    Demo Mode

    AT "Press start " screen hold down L + R + Black + White.

  • Xbox | Submitted by PWherland

    How to unlock the Secret Stadiums

    Start franchise after every 5 years you will earn a stadium such as new seattle stadium, practice stadium, abyss, roman coliseum, millennium stadium.