New Legends Cheats

New Legends Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by chris5543

    Beat General Lii Easier

    To beat General Lii you can start the level with the Axe Hammer and kill all of the Plasma Whirlwind guys yourself try not to let Boo or Fa Zhang kill them. After you go up the elevator and plant the charge take out the triple wind if you have your special attack. Use the special attack on General Lii then take out the Axe Hammer and hit him until you get your special attack again then use it with your triple wind. When General Lii Goes into the fire he is trying to heal himself if your wondering shoot at him with the Tank Puncher or Lions Fury and he should fall down. After you beat him stand on the side until the platform starts moving. Exit the platform by a Ledge like thing and heal yourself. the elevator will come down then take out the fire sword and have some fun with it on the Plasma Whirlwind guys. Boo will be waiting for you so just go straight and then you'll know where to go

  • Xbox | Submitted by Victoria Thona

    Block and Attack

    A easy way for bad guys to not attack you. You must keep attacking them. Then when they attack you click Y. Then they will fall. Then you could start attacking

  • Xbox | Submitted by Mike Reardon

    More Health

    This only works on the first boss level that I know of. run around Turing the Chinese rollers. your health goes up a little. Also there is a little shrine at the edge of the cliff on the second boss wind man.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Spawn

    Arrow Shutter

    First you need pick up a bow. Then arrows. Then if you have those two items, hit Y & B at the same time And it will fire. If you did it correct it should work.