New art: Fable 2 shows us its feminine side

Aug 31, 2007

A new developer update from Lionhead on its sequel Fable 2 is accompanied bythree pieces of new artwork of female characters. And if you're in any doubt about which might be OUR favourite, we'll give you a clue - she's not carrying a jug on her shoulder or wearing a silly pointy hat.

Fable 2 is nowhere near finished, Lionhead says in the update. "Think about that for a second. It is not finished. So yes, the game will look at least a gazillion times better than anything you've seen of Fable 2 so far. Anyone doubting that for a split second deserves a kick in the butt.

"Compared to some other games, Fable 2 is graphically going to be a Masterpiece. We are talking about vast and expansive outdoor locations, with added night and day cycle with realistic lighting effects that dynamically change the environment around you.

"There will be uber-detailed textures and lighting on up to fifty character models on screen, all of which will cast a dynamic shadow of themselves on that same environment and the same goes for any object in the world.

"There is a physics engine, a simulation engine and about a thousand years of knowledge of things that I'm not even trying to understand. According to our water-expert Fran "we are going to kick Bioshock's water!" He gets a little excited sometimes; Italian passion! But the game will look Great."