Need For Speed 5 Cheats

Need For Speed 5 Hints

  • PC | Submitted by leftyizme

    Schwartzwald Shortcut

    message: In the Schwartzwald racetrack there is a spot that you can slip through a secret door and always win the race. When the race starts go through the first set of woods, the one after the first covered bridge) at the end of the woods, there is a small clearing on each side of the road. back into the one on the right and drive straight toward the point where the frames change scenery from woods to hill, (look close and you can see the line I am talking about) If you hit it just right and stay on the gas, your car will push through the scenery and you will be "behind" the walls. If you keep your car pointed straight toward the finish line, (using the radar image of your car) and stay on the gas, you will always come out of the wall in first place regardless of the time. If you don't keep your car pointed just right though, you will emerge onto the raise track from hundreds of feet in the air and will crash big time!

  • PC | Submitted by Ferry van

    Extra Cash

    Need some extra cash to buy your dreamcar in evolution mode ?
    Got to the used car screen , buy a wreck,Fix it (make sure you can afford it BEFORE you buy it)then sell the car for its current value.
    Go back to the race selection screen and you can now sell the car with profit !
    This works great with the real classics like
    The 356 roadster & speedster ,The carrera rs
    and the spyder.

  • PC | Submitted by ryan

    Get That Policeman Off Your Tail

    When a policeman gets behind you slow down then on a straight road gun it then when you get over 100 m.p.h slam on your brakes and turn and the policeman stop in front of you and hit the wall then gun into his bumper and this will give you a better chance of getting away. but this is not guaranteed to work every time

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar


    On the race track, Alps, when you see a helicopter flying, turn left until you are heading to the helicopter. Go straight till you're on the road going left. An easier way than driving through the 180 turn

  • PC | Submitted by Andy Allan


    Tip: Do not, repeat, do not, brake while in the midst of a turn, particularly when driving older automobiles. The EA version of an antique Porsche has a tendency, and probably rightly so, to seriously rock your world if you do, sending you into a drift from which you may not recover. Instead, brake early, turn smoothly, and accelerate on the exit.

    Tip: There's no better way of ridding oneself of an annoying police officer than by nudging him into a passing motorist or solid roadside object.

    Tip: Alternate routes are not always shortcuts. If you find yourself consistently slow on a given course, check out all the routes available to you before resorting to a different setup.

    Tip: Go with the "front bumper" camera for the best results. Here, the program doesn't have to pump out cockpit and driver animations, so the frame rate is generally faster. Also, you get a better sense of the speed at which you are traveling, so you'll be better prepared to slow down for upcoming turns.

    Tip: Torque rules. If you find yourself in a section where you can use a higher gear with lower RPM or a lower gear with high revs, go with the latter every time.

Need For Speed 5 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Gerry Adams

    All cars

    In name selection type in "allporsche"

  • PC | Submitted by TOO COOL

    Cheat Codes

    Enter the "Create Player" option from the main menu, then enter one of the following names to activate the corresponding cheat function:
    All cars have 933 physics yraGyraG
    Drive with Rally physics Dakar
    Destruction Derby mode Smash Up
    Small R/C cars Gulliver
    Heavier cars fetherw8
    Cops on most tracks in quick fuzzyfuz race mode

  • PC | Submitted by pokju

    999,999,999 account

    Use Gamehack (A Game hacking program) ,while in main menu,enter the evolution mode,get into the garage,write down your account money,then press Alt-Tab to go back to your desktop.After that activate Gamehack,select process-Porsche,then press the binocular(find).In the value section,write down your account value anf click the button find.Let Gamehack find the address first and after it finish,double-click on the address and enter 999,999,999 but don't 1,000,000,000 and above because it will decrease your account.After that,close Gamehack,and then press Alt-Tab again to go back into the game and now you got yourself 999,999,999 account.