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    Submitted by Myke

NCAA Football 2003 Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Johnathan Harris

    Teams Alternate Jerseys

    When you go to the controller select screen put the controller under which team and then press the "Y" button it will show the home, away, and a few alternate jerseys. Note: not all teams have alternate jerseys.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Will Johnson

    Custom Teams


  • Xbox | Submitted by Justin

    Infinite creation points

    At the main menu select options then from there select create a player. Create player and when you get to the screen with the ability points press A twice. Then exit and go to rosters and select your player from the team you put him on. Select rating's and ever thing on the side will show up 99.

    NOTE: You can also put up a hole team up to 99

  • Xbox | Submitted by Patrick McFarlane

    Onside Kick

    This isn't really a cheat but it helps you get the ball! When you are setting up to kick the ball you make the arrow as far up as you can and as little power as you can and 99% of the time you get the ball. ( it works better than a real onside kick)

  • Xbox | Submitted by Rode Santa Maria

    Become Best Team

    First create-a-school name your school whatever you want, then pick your team colors ect. then it will ask you your team type (prestige) pick Jaggernaut. This means your team has the top team in the nation. you will have an A+ in all categories. then create three players. these players should be at the positions of QB,RB,TEorWR. Then put your ratings as far as they can go. then go to season, press on the option menu and go to Roster it will give you a couple of options click on the tab that says edit, then pick any player that you want to edit first then go to ratings and put the ratings all the way to 99 and eventfully edit your whole team.
    NOTE: This only works on Season mode not on Dynasty mode

  • PS2 | Submitted by Mikey Pimpin

    Making Games Shorter

    Go to settings and click on gameplay and choose the time of each quarter to be overtime. In the game you will always start out on offense so either kick a field goal or try to score a touchdown. When the other team goes on offense go to start and click on settings and choose the controller to the other team. Then run the ball backwards to their own 1-yard line and run out of bounds. Then switch your controller back to your team and play good defense
    Celebrations before endzone
    When you are inside the opponents 20 yard line you can celebrate by holding the button down.
    L1-or R1 point to sky
    L2-or triangle shake football
    R2-hold football out infront of you
    Super Player
    When creating a player just add the basic info like name, college, school year, etc. But dont mess with the stats. Create the player then go to the depth chart of the team that u are on. Highlight ur name press (x) then move the stat bar on each level all the way over to 99%

  • PS2 | Submitted by Jimmy S

    Super Team

    This code only works for the first season of a dynasty. Start a new dynasty. Before your first game, go to your roster and move the bar to ratings. You can then move all of each players stats up to 99%. Your team will then be able to play at any position. and be just as strong as any other player on your team.
    Block Punt
    To block a punt 3 out of 5 times, select punt block in special teams. If the offense is set in a normal punt formation, select the man to the far left of the screen. At the snap of the ball(or just before the snap to get a jump), aim and sprint for three yards ahead of where the kicker is standing. Don't try to block the ball, just tackle the punter. This only works if the offense is in normal punt coverage with gunners on the outside.
    Get the ball every kick-off
    First you must go to settings and turn on EAsyplay. Then and turnoff penalties. At the kick-off make aimer point to the sidelines and put as low as you can. Then kick it very soft by tapin X twice. then you will get the ball.

NCAA Football 2003 Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easier Dynasty Mode

    If you make your own team, put the school by alot of good schools(florida,Texas,ect) for better players.

  • PS2 | Submitted by LODdot6

    How to win the coin toss

    9 times out of 10 this will work. at the toss, if you are the away team hold down the down button about 3 seconds and randomly hit X u will win the coin toss