NCAA Football 2002 Cheats

NCAA Football 2002 Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Player's Names

    At the main menu select the options mode and then select rosters. When the rosters screen comes up, hit the right button until edit player is highlighted and hit x. Hit x on player info and enter the player's name and then during the game the announcer will say his name.
    Secret fields and teams
    When you play a game, if you have madden challenge on you can get cards and spend them, when you do this you can get mascot teams. the mascot teams are 100% good you can also get secret fields like a desert field.
    Endzone Dances
    R1 and L2 makes you shake right
    L1 and R2 makes you shake left

  • PS2 | Submitted by STEWART BLAND

    Celebrations before endzone

    Before the endzone press and hold the button.
    R1 or L1-point to the sky
    R2-hold up football
    L2 or triangle-shake the football
    Get Easy Safety
    When you start a game go to settings and turn off penalties. Then when u kick off kick far and into the sideline and the other team will be forced to start way back in their territory.
    Ratings All 99
    Go to the edit player screen, and begin editing a player. When you come to RATINGS, you can change them all to 99, and have the baddest man on the game. You can edit a whole team of 99 rating players.
    Conference Call-Up
    When you're in exhibition mode, at team select, press DOWN and it will let you choose teams by conference (Big 10, SEC, etc.)