NCAA Football 07 Cheats

NCAA Football 07 Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    #1 Defense (25) - Have the #1 ranked defense in a dynasty season.
    #1 Offensive (25) - Have the #1 ranked offense in a dynasty season.
    100 Yard Receiver (10) - Gain 100 or more receiving yards with a single player.
    100 Yard Rusher (10) - Rush for 100 or more yards with a single player.
    2 Sack Player (10) - Make 2 sacks in a game with the same player.
    200 Total Rushing Yards (15) - Rush for 200 or more total yards in a game.
    350 Total Passing Yards (15) - Pass for 350 or more total yards in a game.
    5 Star Recruiting (25) - Sign 8 or more 5 star prospects in your recruit class.
    50 Yard Field Goal (25) - Kick a 50 or more yard field goal.
    50 Yard Punt (15) - Punt the ball 50 or more net yards.
    500 Total Yards (25 ) - Gain 500 total yards or more in a game.
    60 Year Dynasty (100) - Complete 60 years of Dynasty.
    Allow No Sacks (15) - Do not give up any sacks in a game.
    Block a Field Goal (25) - Block a field goal.
    Block a Punt (25) - Block a punt.
    Bowl Win (10) - Win a bowl game in dynasty mode.
    Break a 30 Yard Run (10) - Break a run for 30 or more yards.
    Break a 60 Yard Run (20) - Break a run for 60 or more yards.
    Complete a 30 Yard Pass (10) - Complete a pass for 30 or more yards.
    Complete a 60 Yard Pass (30) - Complete a pass for 60 or more yards.
    Conference Champs! (10) - Win a conference championship game.
    Dynasty Trifecta! (50) - Win the National Championship in three back-to-back seasons in dynasty mode.
    Heisman Memorial Trophy (25) - Win the Heisman Memorial Trophy with a player on your dynasty team.
    Held Under 100 Yards (25) - Hold the opposition to under 100 total yards.
    Held Under 200 Yards (10) - Hold the opposition to under 200 total yards.
    High Score - Option Dash (40) - Score 15,000 or more points in Option Dash.
    Intercept 2 Passes (15) - Intercept 2 passes in a game on defense.
    Kickoff Return for TD (20) - Return a kickoff for a touchdown.
    Make 4 Sacks (20) - Sack the opposing quarterback 4 or more times in a game.
    Mr. February (25) - Have the #1 ranked recruiting class in a dynasty season.
    National Champions! (25) - Lead your team to a BCS championship in dynasty mode.
    No Fumbles in a Game (15) - Do not fumble the ball in a game.
    No Interceptions in a Game (15) - Do not throw an interception in a game.
    Pass to 5 Different Receivers (10) - Complete a pass to 5 or more receivers in a game.
    Perfect Game (40) - Bowl a 300 Game
    Punt Return for TD (15) - Return a punt for a touchdown.
    Recover 2 Fumbles (15) - Recover 2 fumbles on defense in a game.
    Return Fumble for TD (20) - Score a touchdown after recovering a fumble on defense.
    Return Interception for a TD (20) - Return an interception for a touchdown.
    Score 35 Points (15) - Score 35 points or more in a game.
    Score a Safety (30) - Score a safety on defense.
    Shutout (30) - Prevent your opponent from scoring any points in a game.
    Throw 4 TD Passes in a Game (15) - Throw 4 touchdown passes in a single game.
    Undefeated (10) - Go undefeated during a season in dynasty mode.
    Win by 21 (10) - Win a game by 21 points or more.
    Win Tug-of-War (40) - Win the Tug-of-War mini-game.

    Secret Achievements – 0 Points Each
    Junior Varsity Level 250G in NCAA Football 07
    Varsity Level 500G in NCAA Football 07
    All-American Level 750G in NCAA Football 07
    Heisman Level 1000G in NCAA Football 07

  • PS2 | Submitted by SLIPPIE

    Unlock Reggie Bush

    Finish a year of dynasty with the USC Trojans to unlock Reggie Bush.

  • Xbox | Submitted by yomomma

    How to get Vince Young

    Beat Dynasty with the Texas Longhorns.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by yomomma

    How to get Vince Young

    Beat Dynasty with the Texas Longhorns

NCAA Football 07 Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by d2dlmac

    More Cheats

    At the Pennant Collection screen, press Select, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    1st and 15 pennant; opponent gains 15 yards for first down - THANKS
    2004 All-Americans pennant (#273) - FUMBLE
    Blink pennant; ref spots ball short for opponent - FOR
    Boing pennant; opponent drops passes more - REGISTERING
    Crossed The Line pennant - TIBURON
    Cuffed pennant (#206) - EA SPORTS
    Extra Credit pennant; 4 point interceptions, 3 point sacks - OUCHDOWN
    Free Play pennant; five downs - IMPACT
    Get points when your player is injured (#211) - HEISMAN
    Improves catching ability for one game (#208) - IN THE ZONE
    Increase chance to break tackles for one game (#213) - BREAK FREE
    Increase DBs chance of jamming receiver at line of scrimmage (#227) - DEFENSE
    Increase opponent's fatigue for one game (#212) - GAME TIME
    Increase opponent's fumbles for one game (#205) - WITH EA
    Increase pass rush - TURNOVER
    Increase wind in your direction on field goal attempts (#229) - SIDELINE
    Nike Magnigrip Gloves; increases chances of pass interception - HAND PICKED
    Nike Pro Apparel; improves your quarterback's passing accuracy for one game - NO SWEAT
    Nike Speed TD Shoes; increases your receivers chances of burning the coverage deep - LIGHT SPEED
    Quarterback Dud pennant - ELITE 11
    Quarterback impossible to sack (#226) - OFFENSE
    Stiffed pennant (#222) - NCAA
    Take Your Time pennant (#224) - FOOTBALL
    Texas Tech ratings boost (#160) - FIGHT
    What A Hit pennant - BLITZ

  • PS2 | Submitted by Lawrence Springs


    If you create the profile ZoneOut while practicing your impact players will be able to get in the Zone.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Jack Arenella

    Team Nicknames

    In legends mode, when chosing a major pick Team Nicknames. It will be very easy if you print out this cheat sheet:

    New Hampshire=Wildcats
    Southern Illinois=Salukis
    Morgan St.=Bears
    Tenessee St.=Tigers
    Grambling St=Tigers
    Idaho= Vandals
    Jackson St=Tigers
    Northern Iowa=Panthers
    William and Marry= Tribe
    Missippi State Valley=Delta Devils
    Western Illinois=Leathernecks
    Elon University=Pheonix
    Bethune-Cookman College=Wildcats
    Western Kentucky=Hilltoppers
    South Carolina State= Bulldogs
    Penn= Quakers
    Murray St=Racers
    Eastern Washington= Eagles
    Stephen F Austin= Lumberjacks
    Furman= Palidins
    Florida A and M=Rattlers
    Northeastern= Huskies
    Idaho St.=Bengals
    Western Illinois=Leathernecks
    James Madison University=Dukes
    Eastern Washington= Eagles
    Norfolk St=Spartans
    Mcnessee St=Cowboys
    Portland St=Vikings
    Rhode Island= Rams
    Western Carolina=Catamounts
    Cornell= Big Red
    Maine= Black Bears
    Nicholls St=Colonels
    Eastern Illinois=Panthers
    Sacremento St=Hornets
    Alabama A and M=Bulldogs
    Missouri St= Bears
    Hampton= Pirates
    Georgia Southern=Eagles
    Harvard= Crimson
    Illinois St.=Red Birds
    Arkansas Pine-Buff=Golden Lions
    Southeast Missouri St= Redhawks
    Deleware=Fighting Blue Hens
    Sam Houston St=Bearkats
    Appalachain St=Mountaineers
    Dartmouth=Big Green
    UMass= Minutemen
    Wake Forrest= Demon Deacons
    Hofstra Pride

    This is good for the first time you take this course. The second year is top D1 colleges.

  • PS2 | Submitted by chris harris

    Get 100% on Exams

    To get 100%, the only thing you need is a computer. Once you start the test just go to google or and put in the questions and then you will find the answers. Everytime you do that you should get 100%.

  • Xbox, PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    All-Time Team and Mascot Passwords

    Under the Pennant Select screen press Select for Enter Code. You can enter the following:

    Thanks - 1st and 15 Pennant
    Fumble - 2004 All-Americans #273
    Roll Tide - All-Time Alabama Team
    Woopigsooie - All-Time Arkansas Team
    War Eagle - All-Time Auburn Team
    Glory - All-Time Colorado Team
    Uprising - All-Time Florida State Team
    Death Valley - All-Time Clemson Team
    Geaux Tigers - All-Time LSU Team
    Raising Cane - All-Time Miami Team
    On Iowa - All-Time Iowa Team
    Hunker Down - All-Time Georgia Team
    Victory - All-Time Kansas State Team
    Great To Be - All-Time Florida Team
    Go Blue - All-Time Michigan Team
    Hail State - All-Time Mississippi State Team
    Mizzou Rah - All-Time Missouri Team
    Go Big Red - All-Time Nebraska Team
    Rah Rah - All-Time North Carolina Team
    Golden Domer - All-Time Notre Dame Team
    Killer Nuts - All-Time Ohio State Team
    Go Pokes - All-Time Oklahoma State Team
    Boomer - All-Time Oklahoma Team
    Quack Attack - All-Time Oregon Team
    We Are - All-Time Penn State Team
    Lets Go Pitt - All-Time Pittsburgh Team
    Boiler Up - All-Time Purdue Team
    Orange Crush - All-Time Syracuse Team
    Big Orange - All-Time Tennessee Team
    Gig Em - All-Time Texas A&M Team
    Hook Em All-Time Texas Team
    MIGHTY All-Time UCLA Team
    Bow Down - All-Time University of Washington Team
    Fight On - All-Time USC Team
    Wahoos - All-Time Virginia Team
    Tech Triumph - All-Time Virginia Tech Team
    U Rah Rah - All-Time Wisconsin Team
    Bear Down - Arizona Mascot Team
    For - Blink Pennant
    EA Sports - Cuffed #206
    Texas Tech - Fight
    Heisman - Jumbalaya #211
    RamblinWreck - Georgia Tech Mascot Team
    Red And Gold - Iowa State Mascot Team
    Rock Chalk - Kansas Mascot Team
    On On UK - Kentucky Mascot Team
    Go Green - Michigan State Mascot Team
    Rah Rah Rah - Minnesota Mascot Team
    Go Pack - North Carolina State Mascot Team
    Go Cats - Northwestern Mascot Team
    Hotty Totty - Ole Miss Mascot Team
    Bear Down - Unlocks Arkansas Mascot Team
    Mizzou Rah - Unlocks Missouri Mascot Team
    Go Deacs Go - Wake Forest Mascot Team
    All Hail - Washington State Mascot Team
    Go Carolina - South Carolina Mascot Team
    Hail WV - West Virginia Mascot Team
    Illinois - Oskee Wow
    Baylor - Sic Em
    NCAA - Stiffed #222
    Football - Take Your Time #224
    Fight - Texas Tech #160

NCAA Football 07 Hints

  • Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2 | Submitted by Go Blue

    Easy Field Goal Blocks

    Instead of using the field goal block play, use the all out punt block play. First turn offsides off. Then take the returner and line him up a few yards off the leftmost (RT footed kicker) or rightmost (L footed kicker) o-lineman. Don't try to jump the snap--just sprint right at the kicker. You'll either block the kick or sack the kicker.

  • Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2 | Submitted by GregP1719

    Easy Points in Bowling!

    Create a QB or edit one's attributes to 99 spd, 99 acc, etc, so he's fast. Then do a shotgun 5-wide or hail mary play. When the ball is snapped, scramble to your right or left, and keep doing this until you get a perfect game.

  • Xbox, PS2 | Submitted by chris harris

    Easy Way to Win the Heisman

    At your dorm room, go to options, go to gameplay, and change the skill level to Junior Varsity (which makes the games much easier). Your player will put up big numbers...

  • Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2 | Submitted by Brandon Blevins

    Easy Sacks

    During the game or on the main menu, go to game rules and put offsides all the way to zero. When you play don't touch the other players or that will be encroachment.

  • Xbox | Submitted by chris harris

    Get 100% on Exams

    To get 100%, the only thing you need is a computer. Once you start the test just go to google or and put in the questions and then you will find the answers. Everytime you do that you should get 100%.