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  • PSP | Submitted by rustysack

    Trading After Deadline

    If you want to trade for players in season mode but the deadline has already passed, go into the "Edit Rosters" menu then go into "Free Agents." Choose the team of the player that you want and then trade him for a free any free agent. After you have done this switch to your team and then trade for the player that you want as he will now be a free agent.

  • PSP | Submitted by Christopher Guyon

    More Steals

    When the opponent is about to pass in the ball to their point guard (After a scored shot, ETC.) Stand in between the player who is passing in the ball and the point guard. While doing this tap Square repeatedly. When the opponent passes in the ball while your tapping Square you'll steal the ball. SOMETIMES this does not work, but usually does.

  • PSP | Submitted by pugboy21


    All you have to do is press .Triangle

  • PSP | Submitted by ricky

    Throw Alley Oops

    Hold R and press X when your player is near the hoop.

  • PSP | Submitted by leon

    Offensive Moves

    R + X= throw an alley oop(be sure when the ball gets to your player to press O to shoot)
    R + O= juke fake(be sure not to move after or traveling will be called)
    R + triangle= fake right
    R + square= fake left
    triangle= spin right
    square= spin left
    X= pass ball
    O= shoot(press O to start shot and O again to release)