Natural Fawn Killers Cheats

Natural Fawn Killers Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Hylke

    Hex Cheat Backup any file before changing!

    Open The Game Root Usually: C:\Program Files\Small Rockets\NFK - Natural Fawn Killers
    Go To The Directory \Levels
    In That Directory You Will Find The Levels And They Are Sorted As Follows:
    Level 1 CORPSES (First Level).
    Level 2 RESERVR
    Level 3 WABBIT
    Level 4 BEARNESS
    Level 5 ONEDEER
    Level 6 MIDNIGHT
    Level 7 BREEDING
    Level 8 HEARTBLD
    Level 9 BUBBA
    Level 10 SPRING
    Level 11 LASTWRLD (Last Level The T-Rex)
    Now go to any level you wish to modify and open the file info.txt. If you wish to increase the Level Time, just increase the number next to time.
    When you are finished modifying the level just save it and play.

Natural Fawn Killers Hints

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar


    How to find a T-reX in the last world
    go to the river in the center and shoot on the water. then you wil hear a roar me and my friend thought it was a bear but it was a T-reX!!!