Naruto: Ninja Council Cheats

Naruto: Ninja Council Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by zac

    bug breaker

    When you are in the village can get rid of shinos bugs.

    When he shoots his swarm of bug use the water scroll jutsu to get rid of them and hit him. warning this does not get rid of the bugs on the ground.

  • GBA | Submitted by MapleStoryRocks!!!

    1-hit K.O.s and Alternate Ending

    When you're fighting Konohamaru and Ebisu with Naruto, use Harem Jutsu (Sexy Jutsu in the white).

    When you're fighting Akamaru and Kiba with Naruto, use Naruto Uzumaki Barrage in the red so he farts.

    When you're fighting Zabuza with Kakashi, use Summoning Jutsu. After you beat story mode with Naruto and you see the Hokage,use Harem Jutsu for an Alternate Ending.

  • GBA | Submitted by cheatmister

    Completing Visual Mode

    To complet visual mode, you have to defeat every daylight and night mission with every character including Kakashi.

  • GBA | Submitted by Kakashi Hatake

    Zabuza, Ebisu, and Kankuro Easy Win

    You know the first boss Ebisu and Konahamaru? Well if you are using Naruto then you can beat them in 3 secs, charge sexy jutsu until the bar is yellow, then let go to do Harem no Jutsu, where you clone yourself and turn you and your clones into sexy women with bikinis. Ebisu will die instantly and you win the fight (not that it's hard) Alright, next is Kankuro. Again, this is only if you are using Naruto (although I prefer Sasuke and Kakashi as playable characters.) What you have to do is charge your jutsu bar until you get to Naruto Barrage. Don't go into the yellow when you get to Naruto Barrage, stop when the bar is still red. This will cause him to fart, and then he'll paralyze Kankuro and follow up with the attack that he would have done if you had charged Naruto barrage until it hit yellow. Now for Zabuza. Okay, you have to be using Kakashi to do this, chargwe your jutsu bar up until you get to his third jutsu called summoning jutsu. Make sure that this time you charge until the bar is yellow, then let go to unleash the dogs on Zabuza. Now, just like in the manga, he will do that lightning thing on Zabuza. Just keep doing that until he dies. Now for the Kakashi secret, which is how to unlock him. The thing is, you have to beat the game with both Naruto and Sasuke, but make sure that you do it all on one save file. Then you will have Kakashi available as a playable character in story mode.

  • GBA | Submitted by Kakashi Hatake

    Jutsu Charge Secret

    In case you didn't realize this, when you are charging your Jutsu bar you cannot be hurt in anyway, you just have to already be charging it when your enemy (enemies) are attacking.

Naruto: Ninja Council Easter Eggs

  • GBA | Submitted by Takashi: The 5th Hogake

    Fun Activities with the Harem Jutsu

    Use the Heram Jutsu on the following characters:

    1st: Iruka! He's in the second part of the rocky valley place (the second part). When you see him, DON'T TALK TO HIM! Just step back, then use your Harem Jutsu. His mouth'll drop, and he'll fall dead. Then he'll get up and yell at you.

    2nd: Lord Hokage Himself! Well, I think we all know where he is, but just for you with short-term-memory-loss, you meet him AFTER BEATING OROCHIMARU or GAARA! Ok, here's the trick: First of all, Don't talk to him! Only use the Harem Jutsu! He does pretty much the same thing, except he doesn't get up at all.

    3rd: Ebisu Sensi! All you have to do, it at the begginning of the battle, use the Harem Jutsu. He'll drop his jaw, fly up in the air, and die instantly.

Naruto: Ninja Council Unlockables

  • GBA | Submitted by Cheatmister

    Unlock Kakashi Sensei

    If you want to play as Kakshi sensei follow these tips, deafeat the daylight misions with Naruto and sasuke then when you go to play story/free mode you will be able to play as Kakashi Hitake.

  • GBA | Submitted by Hewjr

    Unlock Sound Mode

    Collect all 100 Leaf symbols and unlock Sound Mode.

  • GBA | Submitted by Hewjr

    The Fourth Jutsu

    The Ninja Academy Part 1 In the second last room before The Boss (Temari)

    In one of the rooms before the boss there will be a large enemy you know the ones that drop the food to heal you. If you beat that guy then go behind the platform he was standing on, there will be a small place for you to crawl through, go through. Then there will be a small shuriken near the end of the room go somewhat near it and a secret scroll will appear. Walk to the scroll and you'll get the fourth Jutsu.