MX Superfly Cheats

MX Superfly Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Experimental Tricks

    Experimental Break: (Hold L2 or R2) press Triangle, X, Triangle when in the air
    Experimental Olympic Podem: (Hold L2 or R2) press X, Square, Triangle when in the air
    Experimental Back: (Hold L2 or R2) press X, Triangle, X when in the air
    Get Sal The Alien
    In Fox Creek, follow the white barrels from rooftop to rooftop and then you should land on a rock that's like a bridge but don't stop, you need to carry your speed and then you'll make it to a cave and just follow the weird alien stuff till u get to a room with an alien ship and go to the room in the back with the alien in a tube and then it should say special trophy awarded or something like that and now you have Sal The Alien!
    Other Things to Get By Finishing Challenges
    Finish This To Get this:
    Dramatic Entrance Challenge New Barriers
    Brave Vertical Drop Challenge Cow Motorcycle
    Impossible Wheelie Challenge New Ramps
    Impossible Stoppage Challenge New Movable Objects
    World's Longest Jump Challenge Unlock Cameron Steele
    Dominate 250cc Pro Freestyle Season Fire Motorcycle
    Cross Training Challenge Floating platforms & Station Z Arena
    Lift Tower Challenge Unlock Elrod the Viking
    Crane's Eye View Challenge Unlock Superfly
    Mega Stunt Challenge Unlock Wheelball Mini-game
    Safety First Challenge Balloon Toss Mini-game

  • PS2 | Submitted by Jim Slim

    All Tricks

    MX SUPERFLY All Tricks
    hold L2 and R2 befor a trick
    x tap/superman seat grab
    x press/superman indian
    x hold/superfly
    o tap/no hander
    o press/nothing
    o hold/nothing mute
    triangle tap/ heel clicker
    triangle press/roadio air
    triangle hold/extended roadio air
    square tap/ nac nac
    square press/nac nac lookback
    square hold/1 handed nac nac
    x+x tap/mulisha air
    x+x press/mulisha indian air
    x+x hold/rock solid
    o+o tap/la-z-boy
    o+o hold/extended la-z-boy
    triangle[2] tap/bar hop
    triangle[2] press/stail fish
    triangle[2] hold/extened stail fish
    square[2] tap/cat nac
    square[2] press/9 o' nac
    square[2] hold/1 handed 9 o' nac
    x+triangle tap/hert attack
    x+triangle press/heilcopter
    x+triangle hold/executioner
    x+square tap/stroke
    x+square press/tsuami
    x+square hold/kiss of death indian
    o+x tap/corova
    o+x press/super corova
    o+x hold/extened super corova
    o+triangle tap/cliff hanger
    o+triangle press/cliff hanger lookback
    o+triangle hold/extened cliff hanger lookback
    triangle+o tap/shao-lin
    triangle+o press/shao-lin roadio
    triangle+o hold/extened shao-lin roadio
    triangle+square tap/stailfish
    triangle+square press/saran wrap
    triangle+square hold/twitch
    square+x tap/catwalk
    square+x press/1 handed catwalk
    square+x hold/no handed catwalk
    square+o tap/can can
    square+o press/disco can
    square+o hold/extened disco can
    square+triangle tap/super can
    square+triangle press/super switchblade
    square+triangle hold/1handed super switchblade
    x+x+triangle tap/mulisha indian to heilcopter
    triangle+triangle+x bar hop to superman indian
    triangle+triangle+o tap/experimental propellar
    squ+squ+tri tap/cat nac to stailfish
    squ+squ+squ tap/cat nac to 9 o' nac
    squ+tri+o tap/super can to shao-lin roadio
    o+x+square tap/cordova to 9 o' nac
    triangle+o+o tap/mcmetz
    triangle+o+o press/extened mcmetz
    tri+squ+squ tap/saran wrap tonac nac lookback
    o+triangle+triangle tap/seat stand
    o+triangle+triangle press/surfer
    o+triangle+triangle hold/surfer lookback
    square+o+o tap/pendulun
    square+o+o press/super pendulun
    Better Tricks
    Play Freestyle and only do one trick. (superfly)Don't fall. then wait for the rest of the time. Then you enter at the replay screen enter x r2 square then hold r1 and L1. Then as soon as you let go you can do more/better tricks.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Craig

    Easier Heart Breakers

    Find a kind of small jump,& go about 30 or 40 mph and at the top of the jump stop, hold the clutch(L1)gas it and let go of the clutch. When U get really good can land on the back wheel and ride a wheelie for a few seconds.
    Get Elrod the Viking
    To get Elrod you must win the "Lift Tower Challenge".to win this you must first start one player freestyle and do the Rock Ridge Freestyle course. keep going till u reach the set of "half pipes",go to the end and turn right,u shold see arock next to 2-3 signs.Go past the rock and turn around pick some speed and off the other side onto the Lift Tower. Ride on the cables till you get onto the other side,u should be awarded a special trophy. And then u have Elrod the Viking.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Bunny Hop

    To do a bunny hop stop and hold Clutch(L1),back,X and Preload(L2 or R2). wait till you've fully preloaded then release Clutch...and Voila...A bunny hop.If thats too hard Try this:Hold back,X and Preload,wait till youve preloaded and you will do a bunny hop not as high as the other one but a fast, Quick bunny hop
    easy money
    To get easy money go to the tutorials and select one. Then hit x until all the words go away.Then when its time to start hit pause and exit the game. and it gives you money

MX Superfly Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by Thomas

    Get Everything

    Go to the main menu and press Triangle, L1 + Left, Square, Triangle, L1 + Right, R1 + Down, R1 + Right, Select
    Get All bikes
    Go to the main menu and press L2 + Square, L1 + Right, L2 + Circle, L1 + Left, Square
    Get All tracks
    Go to the main menu and press Triangle, Right, L1 +R1, Square + Circle, L2 + Circle, Square
    Get 250 cc Freestyle
    Go to the main menu and press Up, L1 + Up, Square, L1 + Right, L2 + Down, L1 + Left
    Get All riders
    Go to the main menu and press Right, L1 + Right, Down, L1 + Left, Right, Square
    Get a CRF250R
    After completing Career mode PRO 125 and moving on to select a new bike select a CRF450 complete the 250 mode with that bike, once you have finished the game you can play a 125 motocross track and when you choose a bike choose your cr450 and it will be a crf250 because it will be in a 125 mode.