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    Submitted by Caelum

MX 2002 Featuring Ricky Carmichael Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by mxracer87

    Secret Ramps in Bus Jump Area

    When you enter the bus jump arena you should be facing the jump. Turn right and go over to the planter that is by the school. On the way there, there should be another ramp on the right. Jump it on to the ledge above you. Then go straight and cross over to the dirt-looking stuff.You will see a ramp that leads upward. Go up it and go to the far wall.Turn around and you are there!

  • Xbox | Submitted by lazyboy

    Insane Trick

    To perform an insane trick go off a large jump and preload. Pull back on the joystick and perform a Lazy boy to make your rider hang upside down in mid air. Your rider will appear to float until you right your bike.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Anonymous

    A girl in a hottub

    In the freestyle level vulture gult canyon you find a secert tunnel you go through it as fast as you can you will see 2 jumps take the secong one!! If you make it to the top you will see a girl in tub!

  • PS2 | Submitted by richy_rich



  • PS2 | Submitted by Tyler Clark

    Secret Area in Warehouse

    Go to the Warehouse level. You go down the ramp and find that big brown jump, you have to jump off that onto the platform in the corner, straight ahead of you, and once you make it on there, go up the hill...after you make it in the secret room, to the wall with the red light and the pole. get your front wheel in the corner between the wall and the pole and press left. You will fall down into a secret area! Make sure that you don't go off the edge otherwise you start back in the normal level!

  • PS2 | Submitted by Manuel Rodriguez

    Trick List

    Bar Hop: Press Triangle(2).
    Can Can: Press Square(2).
    Cat Nac: Press X, Circle(2).
    Catwalk: Press Square, Triangle.
    Cliff Hanger: Press Circle, Triangle.
    Coffin: Press Triangle, Circle.
    Cordova: Press Circle, Triangle(2).
    Disco Can: Press Square(3).
    Heart Attack: Press X, Triangle.
    Heart Breaker: Hold Analog-stick Down until you have done a complete flip.
    Heel Clicker: Press Triangle.
    Helicopter: Press X, Triangle(2).
    Indian Air: Press X.
    Kiss Of Death: Press Circle(2).
    La-Z-Boy: Press Circle, X.
    McMetz: Press Triangle(3).
    Mulisha Air: Press X, Square.
    Nac Nac: Press Square.
    No Hander: Press Circle.
    Nothing: Press Circle, Square .
    Pendulum: Press Square, Circle.
    Rocket Air: Press X, Circle.
    Rodeo Air: Press Triangle, X.
    Saran Wrap: Press Triangle, Square.
    Seat Grab: Press X(2).
    Suicide Flip: Hold Analog-stick Up until you have done a complete flip.
    Superman Indian: Press X(3).
    Switchblade: Press Square, X
    Superfly: To do this trick you push X, X, Triangle.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Anonymous

    On the ground backflips

    First, come to a complete stop. Also make sure that you are on level ground. Then, hold down back, and press/hold R2 and accelerate at the same time while holding down back until you do a complete flip. *Note* You must hold down back first, and then press/hold R2 and accelerate.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Wedgie86

    Get on top of school on bus jump

    First you must go to career then you have to keep playing until it tells you that you can go to bus jump.Then go to freestyle and go to bus jump.When it starts go to the school there will be two jumps hit the second one and jump on the ledge.Ride the ledge until you come to a big black part.There will be a ramp.Go up it and there will be four giant jumps.
    On the ground Front Flips
    First, start riding on a level ground. Make sure you are going straight, and once u come up to a good speed, hold forward and press/hold stop and R2. Hold all the buttons down until you do a complete flip and it registers your trick as a suicide flip. *Note* You must hold down forward first before you press/hold stop and R2.
    Get rider UP RISE
    Win the Las Vegas freestyle 3 times in a row to be the most bad ass rider of the Metal Mulisha
    Secret Area
    Go to the "Bus Jump" level on practice and put the time on 20 min. Go on top of the roof of the school and go to the very corner of the white wall. Get about 15 feet in front of it and to the bunny hoop thingy over the wall. This will take some practice, but if you make it over go to the right and just cruise. Oh Ya Make sure you Don't fall down in the ocean looking holes or your going to have to do it all over again.
    Baseball Field
    Go to the "Bus Jump" level. Go over to the basketball court. The crash. You will start agin in front of a little mini ramp. Go up to the ramp straight. You will land on a bench. Then when you reach the end of the bench hit the accelerator to make it to the next bench. And when you reach the end of the second bench hits the accelerator again and it will boost you over the fence. There is a baseball field. The only other thing I found has been a ramp leading back to the basketball court. It is not a special trick. It is just fun.
    Bunny Hop
    This code is not really much of a code but here it is. To do a bunny hop just hold in the clutch(L1),while holding the clutch in press and hold the gas, then just hold the pre-load buttons in (R1-L1) and wait until it reaches the top then let off the pre-load and clutch. There's your bunny hop.

MX 2002 Featuring Ricky Carmichael Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Brett Watkins

    All the moves

    (right trigger and button command)
    indian air-a
    superman indian-a+a+a
    mulisha air-a+x
    rocket air-a+b
    cat nac-a+b+b
    hart attack-a+y
    nac nac-x
    can can-x+x
    disco can-x+x+x
    heel clicker-y
    bar hopy+y
    rodeo air-y+a
    saran wrap-y+x
    no hander-b
    kiss of death-b+b
    lazy boy-b+a
    cliff hanger-b+y

  • Xbox | Submitted by chris waters

    Secret Area in Warehouse

    When you unlock warehouse go to the big rusty jump look a bit to your right and there will be a platform go to the jump at top speed and then you are

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Sharp Turn

    To sharp turn or powerslide press in your analog until it clicks, hold it in while you turn. If you do this right your riders foot will stick out and you will powerslide through the corner.

  • Xbox | Submitted by coolguy77

    Do a Back Flip Standing Still

    First you hold down the clutch then hold down the gas then put the steering bar down all at the same time then bring up the power bar to full then let go of the clutch and the power button at the same time. then it will flip you backwards and you will do a back flip. if it doesn't work the first time you might have to try it a lot do it.

  • Xbox | Submitted by DeCarlo H

    Hidden Place

    When you are at the bus jump there is a way you can get on top of the school. First you go to the side of the school you will see a little ledge above you and a ramp, jump up the ramp. Then when you are up don't fall of but go full speed on the ledge then when you get to the end of the ledge hold the R trigger and jump then there will be a ramp go up it. Then you will be on the school, there will be four jumps up there pick one. DON'T CRASH!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Max Neumann

    Jacuzzi Tub

    When you have unlocked the freestyle course Vulture Gulch Canyon you can see a chick in a jacuzzi like tub. To see her follow the dry river bed into the cave and go to the very back of the cave. when you are at the end of the cave get as much speed as you can and jump the jump at the right with the rock built into it and you will see a woman at the top of the rock in a jacuzzi tub

  • Xbox | Submitted by Tyler

    Super Jump

    Go to freestyle and choose Bus Jump go to one of the blue jumps by the airport go off of it and go slow around the corners soon you will find the ramp that goes to 4 jumps go off the jumps and you get big air and can do a lot of tricks in one combo.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris Ebert

    Get on the Roof

    On the bus jump level go to Freestyle then bus jump. When you start out right away go on the left side of the map and go off the second jump not the planter but the second one (on the big sidewalk) and land on the little ledge on the left. Then you can either get up some speed and try to jump across the little gap or you can ride the ledge around then go up the ramp to the Rooftop. Go to the back ledge and get some speed and go off any of the 4 jumps up there have some fun its cool.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris Ebert

    Batter Up

    On The Bus Jump Level go to were the Basketball hoops are and line your self up with those 2 benches ride over both of them and your on the baseball field. When you've had enough fun go all the way to the outfield, get some speed, and go off the huge ramp just before the fence. Have fun playing Baseball!

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Better Air

    To get better air of of jumps you do the following. When you get to the beginning of the jump you start holding the "R" button hold "R" button until you land. this will get you more air.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Richard Ogden

    Secret Path

    In the Urban Jungle there is a secret path that will take you to a well big ramp. It is at the top of the largest building

  • PS2 | Submitted by cody reason

    Speed Burst

    When on an incline, keep clicking the clutch button while on an incline. Your speed will gradually get up to 80 mph. A good place to try it on is the incline to the jump when u start out at the shaffter freestyle course.