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5 games that might make you throw fits and your phone

Looking for a real challenge?

Ever felt like tossing your controller across the room when a game was just too difficult? A controller will set you back about $60, but trying doing that to your phone and youll wish you hadnt done that. Sometimes you cant just help it, especially when you play game that seems so simple yet proves to be one of the hardest things youve ever tried. But if you like a good challenge or just get off from countless deaths and retries, these types of games may be right up your alley.

Check out these 5 super tough games and see how long it takes you to rage quit. Persistence does pay off however, even if that finish line or high score comes after hours of sweat, blood (possibly), and tears (definitely). Just dont blame us if you end up breaking your phone in the process.

5. Hardest Game Ever 2 (Free)

Calling itself the hardest game ever is pretty ballsy, but youll stop questioning the title and wish its WarioWare-like minigames were a little easier once you start playing. Some games require quick reflexes like taking both fingers off your screen as soon as youre told to while others test your thinking and memorization skills. 24 minigames may not seem like a lot, but you need get an S rank on each game to unlock them all.

Not only is the game demanding, its also pretty funny. Help a little kid reach his toilet at the top of the stairs, but dont tap too quickly or hell fall off instead. Slap a guy in the face exactly 37 times as fast as you can, but if you slap him less or more than that youll lose. Youll definitely get a Japanese game show vibe from everything thats offered, so expect some strict and hilarious rules as you play. Of course, if things get too difficult you could always purchase cheats to unlock stages in a hurry, but whats the fun in skipping all the sadistic and frenetic action that comes from trying?

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4. Don't Shoot Yourself! ($0.99)

Dont shoot yourself. Easier said than done, game. The whole point of this unforgiving puzzler is to avoid getting shot by your own bullets as you maneuver around different shaped levels until the timer runs out. Your ship cant stop shooting, so youll end up committing unintentional suicide a lot. Try getting past level 11 without huffing and puffing. All those walls to fly through and bullets to avoidman, does it get hard.

If that wasnt enough of a challenge for you, later levels even include invisible walls and warp pipes to deal with. Dealing with narrow passages is one thing, but when a bullet comes out of nowhere right in front of you means you need to plan out your actions before you keep dying and dying. When that happens, the games nice enough to give you an encouraging message to keep trying. Isnt that nice?

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3. Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous ($2.99)

Tilt to Live 2 is so hard its not ridiculous, its "redonkulous". No, seriously. If you thought bullet hell shooters were something to cry home about, this game makes them seem like Space Invaders. What makes all those bullets and red orbs hard to dodge is that you need to tilt your device to maneuver yourself around them. Its endless and frenetic action definitely puts your reflexes to the test, but just wait till you get into a boss battle.

Bosses appear randomly, and destroying them is nearly impossible. Most receive damage when you fly through a set number of targets, but avoiding all their bombs and rotating bullets can get quite insane. Finish off a boss, and just hope you dont get another one for a while. Classic mode is already difficult enough on its own, but try Code Red mode if you like feeling like a loser. All those red orbs might just make you rage quit.

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2. The Impossible Game ($0.99)

After your first 14 deaths you might start thinking this game is impossible. Heck, youll die in the same place every time if you dont know what youre doing or accidentally tap your screen to jump too soon. Its simple presentation and basic premise disguise a game that requires patience and persistence, so if youre one to give up on things after a few dozen deaths, dont even try The Impossible Game.

The little square on your screen is always moving, and you can only decide when it jumps. Touch a spike or fall into a pit and you need to restart it all from the very beginning. Hows that for fair? Making it through the entire first level only lasts a few minutes, so you could try doing it all in one go, but you can thankfully place down checkpoint markers to make your trip a little less difficult. But even if you do, escaping death is still pretty impossible.

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1. Super Hexagon ($2.99)

Watch a video of the game and you might be like, WTF is going on? Play the game and you might still be, like WTF is going on? Super Hexagon is not only minimal in its presentation but its minimal in its sympathy towards your endeavors. All you need to do is maneuver a small little triangle through a maze of endless, twisting walls. Doesnt sound too difficult, right? Try staying alive for 5 seconds.

You will die. A lot. But just when youre ready to throw your phone across the room, youll tap Retry and do it again. And even if you do end up throwing your phone in a fit of frustration, youll pick it up and keep at it. Its hypnotic swirls are quite addictive, and even more so if youre masochistic.

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Good luck!

Thinking of trying one of these games out and seeing how quickly you die...err, win? Let us know if there are other mobile games you've played that really frustrate you. There's definitely something relaxing about them, even if they do get us all riled up sometimes.

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