More shots of Lego Star Wars II

How does Darth Vader reveal that he's Luke Skywalker's father when he can't talk? That was the question posed by publisher LucasArts when they sent over new screens of Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. Will the mute, plastic Dark Lord of the Sith use charts? Puppets? Obscene pantomime? They wouldn't tell us the answer, but they promise it'll be hilarious.

Whatever the case, the new screens show off the dramatic father-son battle that leads up to that moment, as well as other tidbits from the Empire Strikes Back portion of the game. Just click the Images tab above to witness Lando's kung-fu kick, the Millennium Falcon's escape from that giant worm-creature and (sigh) more pictures from the ice-planet Hoth.

July 20, 2006