Monster Truck Madness 2 Cheats

Monster Truck Madness 2 Hints

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Extra Track

    Reach the fourth checkpoint on the Sidewinder Canyon track. Pass the bridge and quickly turn right when passing through the barricades on the right side. Drive along the dirt road and stop after the first bridge. Turn right to reach another bridge and drive until it ends. A checkpoint labeled "Pit" will appear. Enter that checkpoint to enable the bonus track.

  • PC | Submitted by fatta patta

    Extra Track

    To get an extra track when you pass cheek point 4 keep going then you will pass over a bridge stop at the end turn right you will see barricades go pass the barricades over another bridge and when you get to the end look to the right you will see another bridge go down that bridge and you will see a checkpoint called pitgo through the pit this enables the extra track

  • PC | Submitted by Hugo

    Around the World

    You can find railroad tracks in some races. Follow them and later you will arrive where you began to follow the rails five minutes ago : you went around the world !

  • PC | Submitted by Rohan Menon

    High Jump

    In most tracks you find railway tracks. go to one such track and go straight facing the train just as it reaches you press the key by which the pteronodon or helicopter picks you up. the train shall pass right through you !as it passes press the key again .YOU SHALL JUMP VERY HIGH .try different camera modes. it needs a little luck

  • PC | Submitted by Richy White

    Scare the Audience

    On The Crazy 98 Race don't bother with racing, instead at the start go behind the stands (were the crowd sit) then press H, a helicopter will come and pick u up, or if u r lucky a pterodactyl (flying dinosaur). When u are flying over the stand press H again and hopefully u will be dropped onto the stand. To make the driver shout YEEHAW! press Y so u can really freak out the crowd!

  • PC | Submitted by IntimidatorBandit

    Monster Wheelie

    For the Monster Wheelie go to driver check-in and change from Rookie or Intermediate to Professional. Then in the garage change your settings to soft suspension and shallow tire cut. While racin' go over a jump that gives you a few seconds in the air. When you're in the air hold the brake/reverse key until you land. When you land your front end should stay in the air as long as your holding the key. Good Wheelin'

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Hockey game

    There is a large lake with two goalposts set in the water just past checkpoint two in Breakneck Ridge. Get into the cockpit mode and drive into the middle of the lake. There is a hockey puck that looks like a tire at the bottom of the lake. Drive it around and through the goals. Note: Set the weather to "Snow" to have the puck appear on the ice.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Drive-in theater

    Drive on the Scrapyard Run track and drive until reaching a set of railroad tracks. Turn left at the tracks and follow them until the drive-in movie theater appears on the right.

Monster Truck Madness 2 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by anonymous

    Turn truck damage off

    While racing type TREX.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Displays Framerate

    While racing type in frame