Mistwalker: Blue Dragon demo 'maybe June/July'

Mistwalker's Xbox 360 RPG Blue Dragon has been a big hit in Japan and we get to dive into its full delights this August.

However, we could well be getting to dip a toe a couple of months earlier, Mistwalker's Hironobu Sakaguchi telling GameSpot in a recent interview that the studio is making a playable Blue Dragon demo "maybe for June or July" release on Xbox Live Marketplace.

As wereported earlier, there will also be downloadable content pumped out over a five to six month period followingBlue Dragon'srelease.

Hees Kyung, Microsoft's global product manager for Blue Dragon, has explained there'll be "a set of three [pieces of] downloadable content, the last of which is going to be a dungeon with a lot of randomized patterns. By randomized patterns, I mean each time you enter into the dungeon, you encounter a different environment, a set of new characters, and monsters.

"So there are eight-plus patterns that have actually been set for the dungeon. So it is a completely new experience, in addition to this great game that we have."

Kyung added that a new difficulty level of "Impossible" is to be added too. "This is for the gamers who have completed the game, know the game backward and forward, and have their character's levels above 50 points. A lot of other bosses and new items appear in this impossible mode," GameSpot was told.

March 19, 2007