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Men of Valor Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by AJ Tucciarone

    A Trick to live longer

    If you are dieing a lot, by traps, or hidden enemies, you can use your teammates to find traps and take some hits for you. you just go behind them and move forward, kinda like running into their back, and if they run into a trap, they will cut it, or if they run into an enemy, the enemy will start shooting at him first and then you can see where the tracer bullets come from. Just remember to stay behind your teammate or else you may run into a trap yourself.

  • Xbox | Submitted by MEGAHURTS

    How to beat the bridge on level 2.

    First make sure you don't use any grenades in the parts before this. So you throw all seven of them in different areas across the bridge then pull out a machinegun I used the ppsh and make sure its on auto. Now run across the bridge shooting everywhere in front of you. There is a turret that will shoot at you so don't stop and when you get across shoot the guys and hide. Bandage yourself and run then hide behind the rubble where the turret is. Shoot all the soldiers then stand up and shoot the guy on the turret and run inside the shack he was in and get the health. It might take a couple tries but it works.

  • Xbox | Submitted by MEGAHURTS

    Level one smoke grenade the bunker

    2player,first you both hide behind the shingle and whoever has a machinegun gets the health runs as fast as they can through the grass on the left and shoots the soldiers and stays by the edge of the wall and runs until it says press y to throw smoke grenade press y and turn tail and run you might die but your teamate will player,all of the above except try not to die it may take a while but it should work.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Hill Rush Hint

    When rushing the hill just rush up the right side. Trying to kill everyone does not work as they keep spawning. On Normal and hard difficulty you must stay prone and crawl up the middle. The turrents won't get you this way and the Vietcong and busy with the rest of your platoon

Men of Valor Glitches

  • Xbox | Submitted by CyborWizzerd

    Game glitch: Safety from gun fire

    While playing on the difficulty setting. To avoid an instant death or being turned into swiss cheese. When being barraged by gunfire and there is no way out, simply look straight into the air (UP) and do not move. Wait until gunfire ceases (you will no longer see the yellow arrows displaying where gunfire is coming from) and your comrades call for assistance. As soon as you hear your comrades defilade all CVs, look down again and load up on all the available "dead" CV's medic kits and ammo (Note: BE QUICK, because for some reason the enemies disappear fast or your comrades will bogart your stash). From there continue through the game and whenever you think death is imminent, "wash, rinse and repeat". ENJOY and GO AMERICA!!!