Megaman Xtreme Cheats

Megaman Xtreme Cheats

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Anonymous

    Zain and Geemels weakness

    To defeat Zain easily equip the shotgun ice. To defeate Geemel easily use the flame charge.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by ?????

    How to beat the Spider

    When the Spider is coming at you quickly dash under it and when it reaches the ground shoot it. Keep repeating this until the spider explodes. (Make sure you have all the upgrades so that its easier.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Anonymous

    The Amazing Sub-Tanks

    At Spark Mandrill's Level, beat all the robots until you are at the screen with the ladder and the doorway to an auto-save unit. Climb down the ladder, beat the robot, climb down the next ladder, wall kick the blocks, and take the sub-tank.I think you need the foot upgrade to destroy the blocks.(get the foot upgrade at Chill Penguin's level.)You must go through the level to the secnd dark part before the boss. Under really bright light you might see a bit. Use the head upgrade(Wall kick off the right side of the tall tower at storm eagle's level and climb up the tiny ledge you land on. Blow up the gas tanks and get the head upgrade.)to break some breakable blocks on the ceiling and in the room get the arm upgrade unless you have it. At storm Eagle's level, get on the second conveyor ride. Charge Flame Stag's Fire and dash jump and release a flying flaming body crush to get to a second sub-tank. Unfortunately, I don't know how 2 get the other two sub-tanks, but no!
    w you can save energy in them by getting energy items when your energy is full, AND, when the sub-tanks are full, they can fully heal you even when you have 1 energy piont!COOL!

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Demoliton Man

    Boss Weakness

    Chill Penguin is weak against Flame Stag's attack. Spark Madrill is weak against Chill Penguin. Armor Amodillo is weak against Spark Madrill. Storm Eagle is weak against Wheel Gator. Flame Stag is weak against Storm Eagle. Morph Moth is weak against Armor Armodillo. Magna Centipede is weak against Morph Moth. Wheel Gator is weak against Magna Centipede. Sigma is weak against Spark Madrill. Final Sigma is weak against Armor Armadillo(Hit his head).

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Ryan

    Zero Upgrades

    Once you finish the game(save over your old file)then you get hard mode. When playing on the new stages(Armored Armadillo, Morph Moth, Magna Centapied, and Wheel Gator) Their are capsules, and they call down your friend Zero. Their are four different ones.

    Armored Armadillio Stage: At the end of the stage when you are riding on the last moving car thing. When you leap in the air, jump and keep jumping on the cliff. You get Some kind of slashing attack.

    Wheel Gator Stage: Before you fall down on the moving platforms, their is some walls you can jump on. It isnt that hard. You get Rising attack.

    Morph Moth Stage: (Note you need the Spin Wheel attack to get this) After you get past the first save point, right before you go up the stairs. Use the Spin Wheel attack on the floor and it will cut the floor. You get the Earth Graizer attack.

    Magna Centapied Stage: When you get to the room with the falling blue bubbles, go to the top of the room and you will see some blocks you can smash. You get the final move. It is a combination of the rising and the slashing.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by willie Bennett

    Cat lives

    Ok first you need the electric spark and the arm upgrade. Then beat storm eagle(so you can exit his stage at any time) and come back to his stage. Then while you're on the second set of moving platforms look for a group of battery like objects(there is a picture of fire on each piece). While on the platform charge the e. spark and release when the plat form is as low as possible. You should have destroyed the battery like objects. Jump across to the platform above were the battery like objects were and get into the open hole inside there is an extra life. Pick it up then exit the stage repeat until you have nine lives(liike a cat)(you can only have nine lives total).

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Squall

    Hadouken, Shouryuken

    This is no joke, here is the the way you can get a secret capsule to shoot fireballs and create a flaming uppercut. These and ZERO SCRAMBLE: Final! are the strongest attacks in the game. How to get... On the second Sigma level( where the boss is an old man in a giant machine) go to the part where you'll see alot of spikes on the right wall. You'll see a ladder on the top of the screen. Two ways to get there, 1. You drive those things where you jump on them to change directions and use those to get on the ladder or 2. Have the Rolling Shield and charge it to get a ball over you. This way your invincible to spikes.
    When you get up there go right, you'll see a pit.You can jump down there quickly and go to the left or use the Rolling Shield armor.
    When down there get on the left wall and slide
    down it. Nearly at the end you'll fall into the wall. No worrys, just head left and you'll go into a secret room. Theres a secret capsule
    in there go up to it and Dr.Light will apear. He'll give information on how to use them.
    Have fun with the strongest weapons in the game!!!!

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Big Bosses

    In megaman Xtreme there are only 4 big bosses

    chill penguen
    storm bird
    spark mandrill
    flame stag

    Starting with chill penguen hees week against speed burner which you get from flamestag, next flame stag is weak against tornado which you get from storm bird,then storm bird is weak against electric spark which you get from spark mandrill,lastly spark mandrill is weak against ice chipper which you get from chill penguen.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Xtreme Mode

    Finish the game on Hard difficulty

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Mega Man X

    To get the Speed Boots,Helmet,and Body Armor read this.

    Speed Boots:
    Chill Penguin leval.

    Storm Eagle leval.

    Body Armor:
    Flame Stag leval.

    To get the Speed Boots in the Chill Penguin Leval you have to just go to the boss.On your way you'll get the Speed Boots!

    To get the Helmet in the Strom Eagle Leval you have to pass the the the Enemies that spit out fire.When you pass them you'll see a BIG ditch.Go in it and jump(you'll need your Speed Boots) to where the gas tanks are and shoot it untill it BLOWS UP!When it BLOWS UP go in it and you'll get the Helmet!

    To get the Body Armor in the Flame Stag Leval you have to pass the part when the fire goes up and you have to climb.when you pass that part you'll see another plane.Wait untill it crashes then they'll be 4 ways to get in.Go to the 3 one and there'll be a dead end.But use your Speed Boots(right,right) and jump to this cliff and you'll get the Body Armor!

    Speed Boots:Makes you jump wall to wall farther and faster.

    Helmet:Crush things.

    Body Armor:Reduces half damage as you did before.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by JQL168

    Tip for beatin Zain

    Everytime you fight Zain he jumps up. Run behind him and blow him away

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Ezra .K.


    There are 4 different upgrades this is how to get them in all the different levels.

    Chill Penguen-Not necessary

    Spark Mandrill-In this level it will turn dark in 2 differnt parts of the level at the last part when it turns dark in the ceiling there are 2 blocks which you crush with you head upgrade (if you have it)keep crush and hitting it with your helmet un till you go up into the room ware the upgrade is.

    Storm Eagle-In this level to get the upgrade youll have a chance when you come to a big wall that you have to skip up you can go under it and long skip off the wall to a platform ware you will find fire tanks blast them open and go down there will be the head upgrade.

    Flame Stag-You will find the upgrade in this level after you encounter the second bug go inside the cave and there will be a smaller ledge in between the two fat ledge do a strong repelling skip with the upgrade and youll end up on a ledge run across that and there will be the upgrade.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by JQL168

    Defeat Zain

    When in Flamestag's level there is a wall. Keep jumping the wall until you see the airplane thingy.let it smash it self in to the wall and go through. Jump up and there is the door. Enter and kick Zains butt!!!!!!!!

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Hard Mode

    Finish the game