Mega Man Battle Net 5 Protoman Cheats

Mega Man Battle Net 5 Protoman Hints

  • Game Boy | Submitted by YODA!!!!!!!!!

    Ship Door Code

    The code is 11922911.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Falzar

    Good Combos for CosmoMan

    If you have a Django use it on CosmoMan. His life will keep decreasing until he gets deleted. Also, you can use Sword, Widesword, and Longsword to hit him.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Joshua O.P.

    Mr. Hide & Seek

    This is a hint to find Mr. Hide & Seek:
    1. In ACDC area 3 near Furnace Comp. He's disguised as a Patrol Program.
    2. Jack in to the right battlechip sculpture in SciLab. He's disguised as an official navi.
    3. In the Drill Comp 3. He's disguised as a Nebula navi.
    4. In the Furnance Comp in ACDC area 3. He's disguised as a black girl navi.
    5. Mr. Hide & Seek himself will hide in Old Mine 3 in Oran Isle.
    And the prize he promises he'll give you if you find him 5 times is the "Anti Damage" battlechip.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Navi Compression codes

    Enter the Navi Customizer screen. Highlight the indicated Navi Customizer Program. Then, hold Right and press one of the following button combinations to compress it. After getting compressed, the Navi Customizer Program will be one block smaller. Repeat the code to decompress the program.

    Program Code
    AirShoes B, L, B, A, B, L, B(2), A(2)
    AttackMAX L(3), R(2), B, A, R, B, L
    BatteryMode A(2), B, R, A, B, R, L(2), R
    BeatSupport A, B(2), R, A(2), B, R, B, R
    BodyPack B, A, R, A, B, R, L, R(2), A
    Bugstopper B, A, B, L, A, B, R, L, R, B
    BusterPack L(2), R, A, R, L, B, L, A, R
    ChargeMAX A, L, A(2), R, B, R, B, A, R
    Collect B, R, A, L, A, R, B, A(2), B
    Custom +1 A(2), R, L, B, A, B, A, L, B
    Custom2 B, A, R, L(2), R, A, L, B, R
    Dandyism R, R, B(2), R, B, R, B, A(2)
    First Barrier R, L, A, B(2), A, R, A, L, R
    FloatShoes A, L(2), B, R, L, A(3), L
    GigaFolder1 R(2), L, B, L(2), A, R, B, L
    GigaVirus B(2), R, A, L, B, L, A, R(2)
    HumourSense A, B, L, A, R, A, B, L, R, L
    KawarimiMagic R, B(2), A, R, B, R, A, R, B
    MegaFolder 1 B(2), A, B(2), R(2), L, A, R
    MegaVirus A(2), B, L, A, R, B, L, A(2)
    Millionaire R, L, R, A, R(2), L(3), R
    RapidMAX R, A, R, L(2), R(2), A, B, A
    RushSupport R, B, L, R, B, R, L(2), R, L
    SaitoBatch A, L, R, A, B, L, R, A, L, R
    SelfRecovery R, L, R, L, R, B(2), R, A, B
    Shield A, B, A, R, A, L, R, B(2), A
    ShinobiDash R, L(2), A, L(2), B, A, B(2)
    SuperArmour R, A, B, R, A, L(2), R, B, A
    TangoSupport L, B, L, A, B, L, A, B, A, L
    I'm Fish program B, A, B, A, L, R, A, R, A, A
    JungleLand program L, R, L, A, B, L, B(2), L, A
    Oil Body program L, B, R, A, R, L, A, B, L, B
    Reflect program L(2), R, B, L(2), A(2), L, B
    UnderShirt A, R, B(2), R, L, R, A, L, A

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Chip variations

    After getting the corresponding chip, use one of the following combos using it in a battle to vary its attack:
    Gyroman/SP/DS bombs on one enemy: Hold L + R.
    Z-Saber extra slash: Press Left + B.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Defeating Blizzard Man

    With Snowball 1, he will roll out a pair of snowballs at you. With Snowball 2, Blizzard Man himself will become a snowball and roll at you. He will strike the back row and cause a pair of snow drifts to build up on two random panels on your side. With those are there, you will lose access to the panels. They will, however, eventually melt. With Frost Breath, He will jump to the front column on his side and try breathing ice on you. You have two columns and he has four. If you do not kill him within one phase, he will heal and drop a pair of snowballs on you, doing 40 damage per Navi. Blizzy does not really do much, so attack as desired. After the fight is over, Blizzard Man blows up and the whole area is cleared of Dark Panels. The first Liberate Mission has been a success. You will get a Blizzard Man B chip from Proto Man when you defeat Blizzard Man.

Mega Man Battle Net 5 Protoman Cheats

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Crossover Battle mode

    Note: This trick requires two Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapters and another Game Boy Advance with Boktai 2. When the game is powered on, attach the Wireless Adapter before the title screen appears. A "Crossover Battle Mode" option will now appear below the "Continue" option at the starting menu. You can play against the Boktai 2 player to see who can defeat Shade Man faster.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by dan

    Numberman codes

    Enter one of the following passwords at the Numberman machine at Higsby's shop for the corresponding item:

    Item Password
    Anti Elec * 35607360
    Anti Fire * 73877466
    Anti Navi V 05068930
    Anti Sword R 10386794
    Anti Water * 25465278
    Anti Wood * 10133670
    Attack MAX (Yellow NCP) 63231870
    BeatSupport NCP 79877132
    BodyPack NCP 30112002
    BusterPack NCP 80246758
    Custom 2 15595587
    Custom Bolt 3 G 07765623
    Dark Invis * 68799876
    DjangoSP D 91098051
    Full Energy 90914896
    Full Energy 12118790
    Gun Del Sol 3 O 35321321
    HP+200 (Pink NCP) 90630807
    HP+300 (White NCP) 13926561
    HP+400 45654128
    HP+400 (Pink NCP) 03419893
    HP+400 NCP 45654128
    HP+50 NCP 31084443
    HP+500 (White NCP) 72846472
    Lock Enemy 29789661
    Mini Energy 12117890
    Noise Storm S 48958798
    Rapid MAX (Pink NCP) 36695497
    Recovery-300 Y 18746897
    RushSupport NCP 09609807
    Shinobi Dash 64892292
    SoulTime +1 (Yellow NCP) 28256341
    Spin Blue 12541883
    Spin Green 78987728
    Spin Red 30356451
    Static S 48958798
    TangoSupport NCP 54288793
    Unlocker 28706568
    Unlocker 64664560
    Unlocker 73978713
    Untrap 00798216

Mega Man Battle Net 5 Protoman Unlockables

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Alternate saved game icons

    Successfully complete one of the following tasks to replace the standard saved game icon:

    Dark Complete icon: Collect all Dark Chips.
    Forte's Icon icon: Defeat Forte SP in Nebula Hole Area 6.
    Gigi Complete icon: Collect all Giga Chips.
    Mega Complete icon: Collect all Mega Chips.
    P.A. Complete icon: Use all Program Advances.
    Protoman's Icon icon: Defeat Neubla Gray.
    Stand Complete icon: Collect all Standard Chips.