Mario Party Advance Cheats

Mario Party Advance Cheats

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Paper Luigi

    Duel Mode

    To unlock duel mode get 3 duel mini games in shroom city. Once you get 5 duel mini games you get the normal difficulty in duel mode. Once you get all the duel mini games you get the hard difficulty. You get a lot of coins in each of these modes.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Paper Luigi

    Many Spaces, 1 mushroom

    This isn't really a cheat but it's useful. Okay so let's say you want to go to Mr. I's house as peach so you can get his gadget. First you roll the die. When you start to move press the r button to look around. Look for the spaces that let you roll again. Look for one that is the same amount of spaces away as you rolled .Then move to it. I moved over 30 spaces with this strategy.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Yoshi

    Save Mushroom

    Bowser Lab, Pick "Very Scary Monster", Navel Piranha. Don't pick "Scary Monster, Huffin Puffin"... this will send you out of Bowser's Lab, and waste 1 mushroom.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Rami J Anderson

    Easy Coins in Challenge Land

    First go to game room, then pick watch 'em.
    Select all your coins and play, round 1 is easy as hell. It will double the selected coins. Then do round 2. After that just keep your coins. Continue this and you soon will have enough for 'Power Star' in the trade place.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Anthony

    Browser Pipes (Pipe House)

    1. 5 Quests
    2. 10 Quests
    3. 15 Quests
    4. 20 Quests
    5. 25 Quests
    6. 30 Quests
    7. 35 Quests
    8. 40 Quests
    Door All Quests