Magi Nation Cheats

Magi Nation Hints

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Magnum Dampier

    Secret room at start of game

    You have to have the power bracelet to do this. At the start of the game (where you pick new game or continue) go downward to those three blocks and kick everyone of them. One of them should move, go down unto the room and there you are.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Mr.Know it all

    Hyren Locations

    There a few types of Hyrens and there are two Hyrens for every city. Hyrens are located in different spots around the world. When you create a Hyren into a ring it starts on level 50. Here are the locations:
    Leaf and Timber Hyrens: to get them you need to go to the tunnels that lead to the underneath and you will need a blast urn and the crystal gloves. When in the tunnel and you are starting to move downwards, look to the left and dig through the dirt.Keep going until you go down steps.downstairs , find a crack in the northern wal and use the blast urn.Go in and kep following the path until you get to the end. then go down. youll appear on the world map and then head for the forest by the east. inside get in a fight a youll find the hyrens.
    Mush and Cave Hyrens: no items required.when you get to Cald go to the lava vents. once inside head north and look for a bridge to the east.cross it and on the other side go down some steps above it. wait for a whirpool thing and go in.youll appear in a cave where you get in a fight and find them.
    Magma and Flame Hyrens:In Cald on the world map,go west till you find two mountains.go to the lower part,(not the very bottom)and walk into it. youll appear in a area where you get in da fight and find them.
    Coral and Deep Hyrens:items needed:Agadons boots. go tot the seers house and swim in the water behind his house. look around for a squarish shaped deep blue colored area and swim into it. youll get sucked into a place where you fight the monsters.
    The Ardrieal Hyrens:dont know but if anyone figures it out, submit it!
    There is a Core hyren but i havent found it.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Nick Laney

    Bolt and thunder hyren

    To get bolt and thunder hyren you have to find and beat orothan flyer 10 times and then go to the palace and walk get orothan flyer you have to walk between the two mountains on the world map in adeial aderial for a long time...this code does work it just takes a while

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Shy Guy

    Hyren Info.

    First of all, Hyrens are the strongest monsters in the game. All Hyrens have over 100 Energy. If you are fight a Hydren, 3 of the dream creature things should appear. 2 turn into creatures on the 1st turn. The last one, the Hyren, turn into a creature on the 3rd turn. Give the Hyren everything you got, have your 4 strongest creatures (Maybe a Weebo for healing) and Tony should be casting spells everyturn. If you beat one they take 250 Animite to make into a ring.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Shy Guy

    Secret Room in Vash Naroom

    First go to the in, then go past Poad, hop over the counter (just run into it to jump), then go up through the passage, push the block up (you need the bracelet Orwin gives you at the Shadow Geyser), then go to the right till you see a passage below you, enter the passage, head down to find a treasure, I believe there is more, but I just started so I am not sure. :D

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Shy Guy

    Cloud Frond advice

    The Cloud Frond is very tough to get so you should have:

    1. at least 5 creatures*
    2. each creature should have at least one item
    3. bring plenty Baloo Leaves
    4. each creature should be at least level 5
    5. Tony should be at least level 15*

    *= more useful than the others

  • Game Boy | Submitted by ericiscool2005

    Easy Animite

    To get easy animite just buy any kind of gem from from any store for 5 animite and then sell it for 18 animite(you can hold 20 gems max. and I mean easy by easy to get not a different kind of animite).

Magi Nation Cheats

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Game Wizzard


    Items needed: Completed Core Glyph
    Core hyrns location is easier than it seems.Go to the weave(By Gia's hut) and go to the core. On your way to battle Agram, fight the dream creatures that appearon your way. If you look hard enough, you will see core hryn. The problem is that even I am still looking for it.If you locate it submit it immediatly. After you fight Core Hryn you will probaly be low on enegery, so go back out by the broken bridge. hit up and B and ypu will fly to the the palace. Inside the palace and other buildings. You will notice plants. If you stand in front of them and hit A there will be items inside.