Madison VR brings the "scariest horror game of all time" to virtual reality and... no thanks actually

Already a winner of countless awards, Madison VR is bringing the game's brand of disturbing horror to virtual reality on PC and PS VR2, as revealed at the Future Games Show Summer Showcase Powered by Intel.

This first-person psychological horror game is already rated 'very positive' across all reviews on Steam and, in a sort of scientific study, was responsible for the biggest jump in heart rate while playing it. Leading it to be declared the "scariest horror game of all time". So obviously the only way it could possibly be made any scarier is to put you literally inside the terror using VR. 

The set up is simple, unadulterated nightmare fuel: you wake up in a dark room covered in blood. Playing as a character called Luca you'll have to try and defeat a demonic, murderous ghost called Madison that is trying to make you continue a terrible, bloody ritual that has been repeating for decades. 

As you explore, solve puzzles and learn more about what happened it won't just be Madison you'll have to deal with, as there's a cast of additional characters and entities to encounter, learn more about and escape - each with their own backstory intertwined with Madison's to uncover. 

To help you deal with this host of ghosts, all you have is your puzzle solving abilities and a possessed instant camera you can use to manipulate the world around you. Using it to take pictures you can uncover information and change things around you to progress further into the hell you've descended into.  

Madison VR's multiple ghosts give the game an almost anthology feeling as you explore all their various stories, and the atrocities that Madison has guided over the years. With both Resident Evil and PT very clear influences, there's already a stern horror experience here that VR is only going to enhance/make so much more horrible. Good luck. You are going to need it. 

You can visit the official Madison website and follow Madison the game on Twitter for the latest updates

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