Lots of Half-Life left at Valve

Sept 27, 2007

Gabe Newell has said Valve still has plenty of Half-Life to mine as the developer slowly creeps toward the grand Episode Three finale, which it's expected will conclude the story arc established in the original game.

"...[T]here's specific stories and character arcs or plot lines that we know terminate", Newell recently told us. "But... we have this bible that covers a lot, and there's a lot of interesting stories to tell." We'd like to get our hands on that…

Newell went on to cite Portal as one of the "interesting stories," explaining that the puzzle game is bringing out stuff about Aperture Science way before Valve had originally thought it'd be telling other stories set in the Half-Life universe.

“We'd certainly love to be working in other universes because any time you get two Valve people together they come up with five game ideas and thirteen universes that they would like to tell and play them in. So there's a lot of Half-Life left at Valve," Newell said.

Keep checking back for a full interview with Gabe Newell sometime soon.

Courtesy of CVG (opens in new tab).