Lift cars in Crackdown

Tuesday 5 September 2006
This brand new shot from Crackdown illustrates how the game's sci-fi setting pumps up the strong arm of the law, enabling you to heave cars into the air at will. Tap the images tab for a handful of fresh images showing Crackdown's explosive action.

The GTA-style crime-fighting adventure casts you as a one man army taking on Pacific City's criminal underground. Crackdown's big boast, though, is that its gang-riddled world is the first fully 3D environment, letting you explore both the city's height and breadth as you fight to take down the criminal kingpins with your hi-tech battle suit and weapons.

Due out later this year, Crackdown looks set to be more than just a stopgap for GTA IV-hungry Xbox 360 owners. We'll have a review soon.

Above: Crackdown enables you to enhance your hero's abilities to perform huge leaps, heft heavy vehicles and run at a lightning pace

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